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  1. OK. Merge it is. It'd be nice though if you could access the node's error cluster like you can do with a timed loop. George
  2. When using a Call By Reference node there's an error in/out cluster on the node itself. Also there can be an error in/out cluster on the VI that's called. Should I use both error clusters or is the one on the node kind of superfluous? Or is there a way to get the error cluster from the node into the VI referred to by the reference node? George
  3. I always include a dummy file in the directory I want to create with the installer. That's the only way I've found to create a directory George
  4. I found some old code that I think will work. It saves and restores flattened data. The control name is stored so it knows where to restore it to. Thanks for the suggestions. George
  5. I'd like to be able to save and restore data from clusters. The data in each cluster will vary (different control types and number of controls). Saving is the easy part if I use XML. The restoring part is where I'm stuck. I won't know beforehand which controls are to be restored. So I think I need to somehow get the data from the stored values in order to do the restore. Any hints to get me started would be welcome. George
  6. Why do all of my JKI RCF plugins have duplicate menu items? For instance the Insert Type Conversion plugin has two identical menu items- Insert Conversion Node. The first line works as expected. The second one deletes the wire. A few other ones do similar bad things with the second entry. Others will do the same thing for both entries. What's going on? George
  7. Very nice tool. I added two more options - one for a control default (top right) and one for an indicator default (top left). It's one less menu item to navigate through and I don't have to remember where I normally put each label. George
  8. I used Firefox and got them from LAVA. Adding the VIP extension worked. Thanks. George
  9. Yep, I know about the VIPM. I have it loaded and have loaded some packages with it. When I downloaded this one package (rcf-plugin-align-terminal-labels) I put it on my desktop. It has no extension. If I double-click it, Windows asks what I want to use to open it. I had VIPM running when I did this. George
  10. I've downloaded a plugin for the right-click framework, but can't figure out how to install it. On the download page for the plugin it says: This plugin is packaged for use with the JKI VIPM. Download the VIPM package, right click and select "Add To VIPM Library", then select the "Add To Library & Install" button from the dialog that opens. You'll need to restart the JKI RCF to use the plugin. I can't figure out how to have the VI Package Manager find the plugin so it can install it. It must be something obvious I'm missing. George
  11. Is the mechanical action set for "Switch until released" or "Latch until released"? That will do it. George
  12. Not exactly what you asked, but I don't think you can get 12V out of the DAQ card (max is 10V). George
  13. Thanks guys. Sounds like I better get IT involved from the get go. Sorry I knew it was a Subversion question (I am using it for LV though), but I knew how helpful everyone is anyway. George
  14. We're a relatively small development group. There will probably be at most 3 people (but usually just me) accessing the code. Do you know if it's necessary to have a special server or could we just have the repository on a network drive? If we do set it up that way at first would it be hard to migrate to a server later if necessary? George
  15. Is there a way to check in/out directly from a LV project with Mercurial? Now that you've had it a few days do you think it's better than SVN? George
  16. LV is frustratingly slow to respond to any edits that I do. I've rebooted and it still does it. For instance I'll select something on the front panel and try to move it. It can often take 10 seconds for LV to respond. I'm using LV2009, but this problem isn't unique to that rev. And I'm using Windows XP. I doubt that this is a LV problem, but other programs aren't behaving like this. Any ideas what's going on? George
  17. Yep, there are three of them. I've replaced all of those nodes. Too bad there's not a way to search for that dll like you can with the Call Library Function Node. George
  18. The name and location of the old and new dll are different. Is there anyway to see exactly where in a VI a dll is being referenced? George
  19. The new dll works in multiple other places in my code so I don't think it's a registration problem. It's just that for some reason this one VI has a hidden reference to that old dll. George
  20. I can't wire in a path. I'm using constructor nodes (these are .NET calls) and there's no way to wire in a path that I can see. I also have a .net constant tied to a "To More Specific Class" VI. No disable structures either. Maybe it's the callback VI that also used to reference the dll? I wonder if I'll have to destroy that and start fresh. George
  21. My project has a file in the Dependencies section and I can't figure out why it's still there. I converted this project over from a similar project that did use that file (a dll). Now I'm trying to get it to use a different dll. The problem is in just one VI (I right clicked on the dll to find out why it's there and it directed me to the VI where it was). I replaced the references to the old dll with the new one countless times and even replaced the actual nodes that call the dll, but the dll won't get out of the Dependencies section. I've even rebooted the PC to make sure all references are gone. Is there a way to pinpoint where a dll is actually used in a VI? The weird thing is the VI is not broken even when I change the name of the old dll and the project gives the warning that it has been deleted, renamed or moved. It just won't let go of that old dll. George
  22. It used to be (pre LV2009) that when I checked the "Show front panel when loaded" box in the VI properties the VI would load as expected. Now it's a crap shoot as to whether or not it will open. The subVI does load as expected though when I open the main VI in the developer. Is this a bug? George
  23. I'd love to be able to put a probe or do some kind of debugging in a callback VI, but it's not working. I have Allow debugging checked and Reentrant execution (Preallocate clone) checked. Do I need to do something different to allow probes? George<br><br>Never mind. If I uncheck Reentrant execution it works.<br>
  24. OK, you've convinced me. I'll move it out of the subVI. It seemed to make sense in my situation, but I can see where it could lead to problems. George
  25. No real evidence that it's not closed. Just trying to track down some flaky behavior and closing that reference raised a question. George
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