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  1. LV muParser

    LV-muParser provides a simple LabVIEW API for muParser fast math expression parser.
    A modified version of muParser v2.2.5 is included. It will be installed to your "<LabVIEW>\resource" directory. I have added support for the "!" (not) operator as well as added ":" as a valid character for variable names.
    You will find the muParser API in the functions palette under "Addons > LAVA > muParser"
    muParser: http://beltoforion.de/article.php?a=muparser
    LV-muParser source on github: https://github.com/rfporter/LV-muParser



  2. SET Localization Toolkit

    The SET Localization Toolkit provides more convenient edit-time language switching support for LabVIEW 2013 projects.
    UI text is extracted from an existing project and stored in a localization file. Additional languages can be added then applied to the project using the apply language wizard.
    The idea is to be able to quickly apply a language to a project before distribution. Applying the language at edit-time allows you to fix up the UI in the target language. Change fonts and re-size controls so that it looks right before compiling it.
    - No modification of project's source code required. No additional dependencies.
    - Support for switching code pages.
    - Ability to define shared resources.
    - Resources referenced via UID. Changing labels of control does not break linkage.
    - Resources can be exported to CSV file for external translation.
    - Resources stored as UTF-16LE text.
    - Ability to translate RTM files.
    - Unicode support enabled in the LabVIEW.ini file
    - Download the ".vip" file and install using VI Package Manager 2014
    - Make sure that "UseUnicode=True" is set in the "labview.ini" file
    - From within any LabVIEW window, select "Tools->LAVA->SET Project Editor"
    GitHub: https://github.com/rfporter/SET-Toolkit



  3. Plasmionique Modbus Master

    This package contains an open source Modbus master library for LabVIEW. It has been developed by Plasmionique Inc. as a replacement for NI Modbus V1.2.1 and provide an open source alternative to the NI Modbus Community API.   It supports RTU, ASCII and TCP modes with the following function codes: 0x01 - Read Coils 0x02 - Read Discrete Inputs 0x03 - Read Holding Registers 0x04 - Read Input Registers 0x05 - Write Single Coil 0x06 - Write Single Register 0x07 - Read Exception Status 0x0F - Write Multiple Coils 0x10 - Write Multiple Registers 0x16 - Mask Write Register 0x17 - Read/Write Multiple Registers 0x2B/0x0E - Read Device Identification   Additional Features: Built-in resource locking simplifies the sharing of a serial port with multiple Modbus slaves or sharing a Modbus session across multiple threads.   Examples are included in "<LabVIEW>\examples\Plasmionique\MB Master\": MB_Master Comm Tester.vi: Demonstrates usage of API to open/close connection and communicate with a Modbus slave device. MB_Master Multiple Sessions.vi: Demonstrates usage of API to open concurrent Modbus sessions. MB_Master Simple Serial.vi: Demonstrates polling of a single input register over serial line. User guide is included in "<LabVIEW>\help\Plasmionique\MB_Master - User Guide.pdf".
    Modbus COMM tester can be opened from the tools menu under "Tools -> Plasmionique -> Modbus COMM Tester..."
    Download a copy of the user guide here: MB_Master - User Guide.pdf
    Note that Version 1.3.4 of this library has been certified compatible with LabVIEW and has been released on the LabVIEW Tools Network: http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/214230
    The most recent version of this library will always be released on LAVA first before going through NI's certification process.
    ***This project is now available on GitHub: https://github.com/rfporter/Modbus-Master



  4. Robust CSV

    This package contains VIs for reading and writing to CSV files that follow the CSV format outlined in RFC-4180 (see http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4180). Using this package, you can properly import CSV files that were exported from spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office or LibreOffice Calc as well as export CSV files that will be compatible with any program capable of interpreting CSV files.
    This implementation of the CSV format is capable of handling escaped fields such as those containing commas (or other field delimiters), multiple lines, and double quotes.
    - Starting from V1.1.0, library files are located in "<LabVIEW>\vi.lib\LAVA\Robust CSV" and example is located in "<LabVIEW>\examples\LAVA\Robust CSV".
    Development version available on GitHub: https://github.com/rfporter/FP-Equal



  5. Floating Point Almost Equal

    This package contains VIs for testing equality of floating point numbers within a specified tolerance. Absolute Epsilon comparison, Relative Epsilon comparison and the ULP comparison have been implemented as described in this blog post by Bruce Dawson: http://randomascii.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/comparing-floating-point-numbers-2012-edition/ Note that the ULP comparison has not been implemented for extended precision floating point type. Installation and instructions: Install VIP package using VI Package Manager 2014. Examples: "<LabVIEW>\examples\LAVA\AlmostEqual\AlmostEqual_Example 1.vi" Demonstrates the usage of all three AlmostEqual functions. "<LabVIEW>\examples\LAVA\AlmostEqual\AlmostEqual_Example 2.vi" Demonstrates a case where exactly equal fails to produce the expected result.   Development version available on GitHub: https://github.com/rfporter/FP-Equal



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