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This package contains the Plasmionique Modbus Master library for LabVIEW.

It supports RTU, ASCII and TCP modes with the following function codes:
0x01 - Read Coils
0x02 - Read Discrete Inputs
0x03 - Read Holding Registers
0x04 - Read Input Registers
0x05 - Write Single Coil
0x06 - Write Single Register
0x07 - Read Exception Status
0x0F - Write Multiple Coils
0x10 - Write Multiple Registers
0x16 - Mask Write Register
0x17 - Read/Write Multiple Registers
0x2B/0x0E - Read Device Identification

Other features include:
- Sharing a COM port across multiple Modbus sessions using VISA locks (10 second timeout).
- Sharing a Modbus session across multiple communication loops.
- TCP transaction ID handling to ensure that requests and responses are matched up correctly in case responses are received out of order.
- Modbus Comm Tester, available through the "Tools->Plasmionique" menu, for testing communication with a slave device without writing any code. 
- Detailed help document available through the "Help->Plasmionique" menu.

Examples are included in "<LabVIEW>\examples\Plasmionique\MB Master\":

MB_Master Comm Tester.vi: Demonstrates usage of API to open/close connection and communicate with a Modbus slave device.
MB_Master Multiple Sessions.vi: Demonstrates usage of API to open concurrent Modbus sessions.
MB_Master Simple Serial.vi: Demonstrates polling of a single input register over serial line.

Download a copy of the user guide here: MB_Master - User Guide.pdf

Note that Version 1.3.4 of this library has been certified compatible with LabVIEW and has been released on the LabVIEW Tools Networkhttp://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/214230

The most recent version of this library will always be released on LAVA first before going through NI's certification process.

***This project is now available on GitHub: https://github.com/rfporter/Modbus-Master

What's New in Version V1.3.6   See changelog


Modified launcher of TCP manager in "Open TCP Session.vi" to block root loop only on first call.

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