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  1. I'm interested in this as well now, for a school project. Any update on 1.0? Also I just signed up for the beta. Cool stuff!
  2. I had to chew on what you said for a while before really visualizing what you were saying. I decided to go with ACBR for a few reasons: 1. I'd like each front panel to be controllable independently 2. I don't know how many nodes will be run, up to 10 total 3. I want to be able to pick up and drop nodes without affecting others I know that these issues are surmountable using a synchronous call model, but I feel like it's just easier to mount and unmount them asynchronously and have the nodes shut down if they see that they are no longer in their sub panels.
  3. I see a lot of knowledgeable minds around here, so here's my challenge. I have a test system that will have, at the user interface level per channel, 3 inputs and 2 outputs that together encompass a simple test scenario. I would like that scheme repeated up to 10 times in a single application so you could watch a bank of units under test, allowing both scripted or manual manipulation of inputs; plus viewing and logging of the outputs. Here is an example of what I think I want the user to interact with: I would like to associate each of these "subpanels" (not to be confused with actua
  4. Well, after a full system restart, the menu options are back, and creating a new command worked! Amazing what restarting a Winblows machine can do! Ryan R.
  5. This is not going well for me at all. The springboard just won't work. Between the package being installed to a different location than the springboard expects, and the attached casting error, I can't get it to work. Ryan R.
  6. Very, very cool, Norm. Let's say I wanted to remotely monitor a test system. Would it be breaking to have the remote system broadcast its disposition to the entire network every 30 seconds or so, ignoring errors in the case that no listeners are running? What are the limits of data types that can be passed? What would be the ideal way to show the entire front panel of the remote system? Duplicate the front panel on a listener, bundle the data on the sender, then unbundle on the listener? Edit: I'm imagining more than just the remote panel capabilities built into LabVIEW. Edit 2: S
  7. Okay, Norm, I'm soon to embark on a journey through your minds. I'm planning on refactoring an automated test system into using TLB`. Generally speaking, the current program takes a start command from a front panel button OR a boolean output from a VI that runs in a loop that samples an input to a DAQ from a switch. Then it goes through a series of steps like engaging a couple solenoids, reading from a laser displacement meter while adjusting a servo, making adjustments to device parameters, and displaying and logging results. To put it in your framework (tell me if I'm mistaken), I wo
  8. Bump? I'm using LV2013 and I'd like to give this a go, but how? I installed the base 2.0.5 package from https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/labview-apis/blog/2009/11/19/labview-speak--programming-lv-through-voice-commands but I can't install the plugin pack (apparently, my version of LabVIEW isn't compatible).
  9. I don't understand why the funding goal was a full $750k. Can anybody tell? This seems way, way too high given the project.
  10. Okay, so the requirement is that dynamic dispatch VIs have the same name, so they must have to have separate folders on disk (these are still actual VI files, and not embedded in anything else, correct?). I've been burned by cross-linked references, so am I to assume that the strong linking of the .lvclass files (and the fact that LabVIEW seems to not attempt to automatically find missing members) to their member VIs will prevent things from getting messed up? Ryan R.
  11. Ok, in my mind something is DEFINITELY broken here. The "Loading" count is up to 40166. It would seem to be in an infinite loop here. Time to kill LabVIEW. Update: After killing LabVIEW and re-opening my project and going back into the separate source dialog (thinking to try just a few rather than the whole shebang), I discovered that all but about a dozen were showing as marked. I was able to mark the remaining items in no time at all. Of course, I still have the issue of opening all the files and saving them to do the actual separation.
  12. LogMAN, The dialog you pictured is right behind what I took a screenshot of. My loading screen as pictured ccame up immediately after I clicked on "Mark selected items" (after selecting them all in the list).
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