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Found 10 results

  1. I'm trying to run a VI using the Call by Reference function, then embedded it into a subpanel in my Main.VI. Once the VI is embedded, I can't use it in the subpanel. It's like everything is blocked and it won't let me interact with any of it. If I use an invoke node and call the Run VI method, this isn't an issue. Unfortunately, this is part of a much bigger application that use Call by Reference functions, so I can't replace those calls. I have attach image snippets showing my code. Does anyone have any suggestions why this might be happening or a work-around to fix it? Thank you
  2. I have an issue with a Sub Panel in a generic GUI VI we use as part of our company's OO based application framework. Most often the SubPanel behaves like it should. But sometimes after the application has stopped, the VI that was last inserted into the SubPanel, is still inserted according to LV. When this happens (and I start the application again) I can't insert that VI into the SubPanel again, I can insert other VIs, but if I try to insert the last Inserted VI, LV says: Error 1145: Cannot open VI because it is already in a subpanel control. If I try to open the VI's FP, L
  3. I see a lot of knowledgeable minds around here, so here's my challenge. I have a test system that will have, at the user interface level per channel, 3 inputs and 2 outputs that together encompass a simple test scenario. I would like that scheme repeated up to 10 times in a single application so you could watch a bank of units under test, allowing both scripted or manual manipulation of inputs; plus viewing and logging of the outputs. Here is an example of what I think I want the user to interact with: I would like to associate each of these "subpanels" (not to be confused with actua
  4. I ran into this; I wonder if I'm misunderstanding, or it's a bug. I have a FP, with buttons I want to toggle with keys, and I have string controls in a subpanel, like in the attached minimal example. I'd like to toggle the button while the focus remains in the subpanel string. While this is no problem for a control on the FP, pressing F1 while focus is in the subpanel string rises the focus to the whole subpanel container. What is wrong? If a bug, how to workaround? Setting KeyFocus to the sbubpanel string ref doesn't seem to help. Seen in 2014SP1 linux and 2014SP1f3 windows. mai
  5. Is there a way to retrieve the reference of the VI inserted in a subpanel? I'm writing a code that takes a "parent" VI ref, and then scan through all its splitters, panes, and subpanels, and now I'd like to retrieve some infos from the VIs loaded inside the subpanels... Cheers
  6. Hello, I am working on a user interface for an 8 site test station. I put a lot of thought into the design of the UI and when I started trying to implement, I ran into a major road block and was hoping I could get some advice here. Here is an overview of what I have: I have 1 view where I want to see an overview of all 8 sites and have basic control of each site. Each site can test part A or B. Each part has different information and therefore, I want the overview display to be different for each, depending on which part number is being tested. So I made a "Part" Class and 2 c
  7. Is it possible to remove a VI from a subpanel without the subpanel reference (just using the VI's reference)?
  8. Hi I want to populate a FP tab in a tab control with a sub VI I wrote, and do it programmatically, rather than brute force copying it in there 4 or 8 times, but I always get just one instance of the subpanel. I pull up the position property to make each instance below the previous. I don't think I have 4 just all on top of each other.. Heres the BD and FP: Hmm looks like lavag doesn't allow me to paste screen shots, so I put them in the word doc that's attached Thanks! subpanelQuesstion.doc
  9. I am writing an X control that launches a popup that I want to place in reference to a control that is part of the XControl. It worked ok when the X Control was in a normal VI (even with multiple panes), but when that vi is in subpanel it always shows up in the same location. It gets the same "panel coordinates" everytime regardless of where the top level vi is placed, but changes when the subpanel is moved on the front panel of the main vi. It seems like I need to go one more level up, but so far have been unable to find a way to do that. It is almost like instead of "owning vi" I need the
  10. My Main reason for posting is that I too am wondering what is the best architecture for displaying status of multiple instruments. I am developing for 3 instruments with it being very probable that i will expand to 7-10 instruments. The User will run and control these instruments asynchronously and would like to see realtime status displayed on the GUI. There is the possibility that there could be some instruments used sometimes, and then other times other instruments are used. What I would like to do is let the user select which instrument Panels are displayed in the Front Panel and allo
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