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  1. I am curious, too. Might be nice to book plane tickets if its gonna happen.
  2. Hi ErikTheRed, I am having this EXACT same problem! My code runs fine for a very long time. Then intermittently produces that "unknown system error" when I check the number of Bytes at Port. My code looks really similar to yours. I establish a serial connection, and then sit in a loop checking for bytes at the port. When bytes are detected, they are read. Did you ever find a solution?
  3. Funny I just stumbled upon this. I used to work for CARDIAC way back in the day. And did a little work on their LIMS product. The company split in two: Baze Technology and Imatis. And up until not long ago, they still had a LIMS product.
  4. Hi. I am also struggling with this annoying "startup flash" behaviour too. I can't seem to avoid it no matter what combination of transparency or modal preoprties I use. Is there any sort of workaound to this? The LV run-time system appears to open the FP of the startup VI and show it for a brief millisecond before it is started. Any workarounds here? My goal is a simple fade-in splash screen, too.
  5. Hi. I am a highly skilled Certified LabVIEW Developer with a Master's Degree in mechanical engineering and 11 years of experience in numerous industries (research, pharma, healthcare, manufacturing, oil & gas, etc). I have worked at Alliance Partners in the past, and am looking for employment in the greater Boston Area. My resume is posted below. Feel free to contact me at john.osborne@jpotech.com if you have any openings (contract or perm). Thanks for reading this far! - John ##### Education ##### B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University, 1996 3.0 GPA (cum laude) M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University, 1998 3.5 GPA ##### Computer skills ##### Applications: SQL Server, Oracle, Cisco Unified Communications, VMWare, RSView, RSBizware, RSSQL, Citrix, Terminal Services, IIS, Visual Source Safe, Perforce, etc. Languages: LabVIEW, LV DSC, SQL, PL/SQL, VB/VBA/VBScript, HTML, ASP, Javascript, C, C++, etc. Operating Systems: Windows Workstation & Server & Mobile, XP-Embedded, Macintosh, etc. Protocols: RS232, OPC, NI-DAQ, NI-VISA, HL7, DDE, SCXI, Datasocket, IMAQ, ADO/ODBC, TCP/IP, MECIF, etc. Certifications: NI Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD), since 2004 Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in SQL Server Database Implementation, 2001 ##### Experience ##### 2007 – present, Principal Solutions Architect, Imatis Inc. Boston, MA Returned to work for Imatis (previously known as CARDIAC) to assist in setting up a new office for their expansion into the North American market in 2007. Currently responsible for all technical aspects of the company’s business delivering bedside terminal solutions and hospital messaging systems to the region. Key achievements include: • Assisted in establishing company’s first office in the USA. Provided local advice and guidance through the technical, business, legal, and personnel challenges of doing business in the USA. • Designed solutions for 20+ bids to potential customers at prices up to $1M+. Solution designs include functionality specifications, hardware and software architecture design, technical validation and risk assessment, price breakdown, work breakdown structures, project plans and Gantt diagrams with detailed hours estimates. • Established and developed business relationships with multiple technology partners in order to fill gaps in solutions as needed. Interviewed and investigated partners who can provide technology and services as part of our proposals. Defined the integration points and performed proof-of-concept testing in order to validate these integrations. • As project manager and lead engineer, I successfully deployed a fully functional “digital patient room of the future” at a hospital in NY. Delivery included a fully integrated wireless messaging system, facilities control, room automation and a bedside entertainment system. • Assisted in a consulting project involving the design of a fully integrated IT infrastructure for a new hospital. • Developed LabVIEW RS232 software drivers for integrating external Nurse Call systems into our product. • Built multiple demonstration systems for trade shows and to be sold to customers. Demo units range from small portable units to large-scale demos mounted inside crates for simulating a hospital environment. Some of these demo units have also been sold to partners and customers. 2006 – 2007, Sr. Software Engineer, Proveris Scientific Sudbury, MA Developed software, deployed systems and provided technical support for testing pharmaceutical spray products. Key achievements include: • As part of a team of engineers, we successfully developed, tested and released the latest version of the company’s software used for analyzing pharmaceutical sprays. Software is built with LabVIEW around a central Oracle DB, is CFR 21 Part 11-compliant, and communicates with multiple datalogging instruments via DAQ, RS-232, IMAQ, etc. • Assisted in the deployment and IQ/OQ qualification of multiple systems at pharmaceutical plants. • Completed the final GAMP 4 documentation for the production of the company’s latest test system, including FDS, traceability matrices, IQ/OQ, FAT test plan, etc. System successfully passed FAT and was deployed at multiple sites. • Migrated company’s internal databases and software configuration management system (Perforce) to a new server without loss of development time for software engineers. • Managed and supported the company’s IT infrastructure. Troubleshot networking and terminal services issues and managed backup systems. 2003 – 2006, Sr. Industrial IT Engineer, Goodtech (aka Triple-S Industry Automation) Oslo, Norway Designed, developed and deployed industrial IT and HMI/SCADA systems for manufacturing plants while employed at Norway’s sole distributor of Rockwell Automation and Allen-Bradley products. Key achievements include: • Worked individually, or as the leader of a team, to successfully deliver four large-scale manufacturing execution systems which automate work-flow, monitor and record performance data (OEE, downtime, etc.) and provide interactive decision-making reports for the management of a manufacturing plant. Systems are built around a central SQL Server database and integrated with the customer's ERP system. Manufacturing machines were equipped with a distributed HMI/SCADA system running on thin-client operator terminals using Windows Terminal Services or Citrix mainframes allowing production-floor access to order information, performance statistics, ERP data, etc. RSBizware and RSSQL log data from numerous devices via OPC, RS232, TCP/IP, and reports are distributed via a centralized web server using IIS and ASP. • Developed a mobile manufacturing solution for automating workflow and managing inventory using portable PocketPCs and bar-code readers which communicate with PLCs and an ERP database. • Provided on-the-job training for a new employee in the Industrial IT department and brought him up to a skill level where he can operate efficiently and independently. • Installed and managed the company’s source code control library using Visual Source Safe. Developed standard operating procedures for its use by employees. 1999 – 2003, Systems Engineer, CARDIAC Porsgrunn, Norway Worked as a software developer at a National Instruments Alliance Partner in Norway and was involved in product development and project work involving automated measurement and database storage systems. Key achievements include: • Played a key role in the development of the company's data acquisition products, which provide historical datalogging, reporting and visualization tools through a distributed client-server environment around a centralized SQL database. LabVIEW DSC was used to log data from numerous different sources via OPC, Datasocket, DDE, RS232, etc. The medical version of the product is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant, logs data from bedside instruments and also includes an electronic patient chart. • Successfully deployed IMATIS Medical IT system at a hospital in Trondheim, Norway. This pilot system was so successful that it helped secure a contract to install the product throughout the entire hospital in 2006. • Developed and maintained a source code library for the company's developers using VSS and customized LabVIEW menus. This system has decreased the company’s time-to-market by making code easier to find, enabling re-use, and allowing multiple developers to cooperate on large projects • Published papers, articles and software concerning CARDIAC’s work 1998 – 1999, Research Scientist, SINTEF Materials Technology Institute Trondheim, Norway Involved in various research projects in the fields of materials technology, instrumentation and measurement, 3D CAD, design and product development. Key achievements include: • Developed a LabVIEW-based digital I/O system for measuring the time-to-fracture of ceramic materials • Developed a LabVIEW DAQ system for monitoring strain in composite materials • Published papers in the field of remote experimentation and internet control 1996 – 1998, Research & Teaching Assistant, Tufts University Medford, MA As part of a scholarship in graduate school, worked as a research and teaching assistant for a professor on the mechanical engineering faculty. Key achievements include: • Played a key role in developing first version of LabVIEW-based software package called ROBOLAB. • Taught university-level lab classes involving all aspects of mechanical engineering experimentation such as data-acquisition, vision systems, presentation of results, technical report writing, etc. ##### Accomplishments ##### • Fluent in English (native) and Norwegian • Numerous publications available for download from my website (www.jpotech.com) • Finalist in the best paper competition at the NIWeek97 Conference in Austin, Texas • Engineer in Training (EIT) certification ##### Professional Affiliations ##### • Member of the IEEE Computer Society
  6. Looking for new opportunities in Boston area

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