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  1. Hi your SQlite library is missing "array of variants to cluster".

    Where can i find this vi?

    1. drjdpowell


      VIPM should have installed JDP Science Common Utilities when you installed SQLite.

    2. Ad Dekkers

      Ad Dekkers

      Restarted the vip manager and there is an update of the SQLite library with this vi !


      Problem solved 🙂

  2. Labview2012 versus 2014: 2012: symbio goop development suite installed. Large application (>5000 vi's) using database, office GOOP3 classes, Symbio GOOP4 classes, DAQmx, VISA, .. Building an executable is working, but after the build Labview2012 has to be closed (or next builds will crash). On close Labview2012 crashes and send a report to NI. 2014: ni goop development suite installed. All vi's of the above project recompile without any problem. No restart of Labview2014 needed I also recompiled all my other projects and until now no problems. Also building an executable is a bit faster in 2014 then in 2012. NI keep up the good work!!
  3. Perhaps the tool should create this vi on class birth? Something for NI ?
  4. Hello Mikael, Where can i find the goop download page? (Your link doesn't work anymore) Regards, Ad Dekkers
  5. Has anyone used this API? What do you think of it, is it usefull? Cheers, Ad
  6. Does anyone know when the new development suite will be available?
  7. This link is still working: http://digital.ni.co...19?OpenDocument
  8. In my project i have 2 files that shout be in the same directory as the .exe. One file is the .ini file and the 2e is a .xml file. I changed there destination of both files to "Same as caller", but when i build the .exe the .ini file ends up in the .exe dir AND in the data dir and the .xml file ends up in the data directory only. Is this a bug, or am i doing something wrong? Cheers, Ad
  9. Hi Mikael, I think i can wait that long
  10. I am a big fan of the endevo GOOP development suite. When will there be a Labview 2009 release of the Endevo Goop development suite? Version 3.1 seems not to work in labview 2009.
  11. Hello, I want to format excel cells to text, to prevent excel to convert 11E6 (text) to 11+E6 (Number). I use the office generation toolkit. What do i fill in the "Excel Set Cell Format.vi" to get this result? Thanks
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