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  1. You have to divide this problem into smaller parts:

    1. Detect start, top and bottom positions of the potentiometer 

    2. Calculate distance based on potentiometer position.

    4. Calculate speed (distance over time) 

    5. Detect repeats.

    6. LabVIEW has the XY graph control, it can create a bar display.

  2. The thread setting and execution mode (re-entrant vs non re-entrant) are set in the VI properties, under execution.

    Re-entrant means that the OS (Or the LVRTE) can stop the VI's execution, switch to another thread, switch back, and the VI should continue as normal. Non-reentrant means the VI has to finish execution before such context switch happens, otherwise bad things (tm) happen.

  3. You can copy the snippet. Explanation: The Bitmap is a constructor node, and you give it the image reference. Then you get the data, in this case, one RGB pixel at 0,0. If this works, the bitmap object has a method that returns the handle to the data.

    Edit: The Bitmap constructor is in System.drawing.

    If you are worried about tearing (capturing data from 2 different frames) you can use the PictureBox' VisibleChanged LoadCompleted callback.

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