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  1. You will have to setup the triggering, similar to the snippet below. I don't have those DAQs, so I can't test it.

    Edit: You might have to do SW trigger, Each DAQ will have its own trigger source (PFI0), and the software will generate a transition on both lines.


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  2. You should check that both the DLL and LV have the same bitness, 32 bits or 64 bits, not mixed.

    You might be able to bypass the entire problem, if you can create a raw printer file.

    1. Create a raw file - usually label printers use a text based encoding (for example, Zebra printers use ZPL, other vendors have similar formats). This will be your template file.

    2. If you are using Windows, create a printer share.

    3. Set the fields in the template.

    4. copy the file to the share - using the system call, issue a copy <filename> \\localhost\<share name> command.


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