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  1. Can you save it for an earlier version? Not everyone is on the latest and greatest.

    Also, The USB-6000 and precision timer do not make much sense. USB transfers don't have guaranteed microsecond timing with regard to the host's clock.

  2. LV to notepad++ doesn't work -> Notpad++ uses C style strings for the paste from clipboard.

    LV to MS Word & Excel 365 doesn't work -> Same as above.

    It seems the LV to LV path allows null in the middle of a string, while the LV to Windows path doesn't.

  3. NI is shooting themselves in the foot with this approach. It is already difficult enough to find LabVIEW programmers. The IDE seems straight out of 2002, proprietary file formats, hard time integrating with version control and CI flows, Do they really want to drive away their potential customers?

    I use LV for many things, but I avoid the pay to deploy tools (IMAQ, Teststand). If I have to pay upkeep to NI, I'll recommend Python, the 3rd party hardware support is similar with pyVISA. No upkeep, no licenses, no deployment fees.

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