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  1. I noticed a little gem that was added, the "Is Value Changed.vim" but i found its implementation curious. typically when i want this functionality i would use a feedback node. Are feedback nodes becoming taboo?
  2. I think you rediscovered the source! Thanks! (this seems like an updated version of mine.)
  3. There is often a disconnect from what IT wants and what is needed for Testing. One of those things is windows updates, IT really needs interconnected computers to be up to date. But often this means a policy that forces computers to shutdown and reboot, which is awful for longer test. (the solution for this one is difficult to say the least). Another is forced logoff and locking screens and such. IT policy on power saving is usually the more the merrier. However when running Test this kind of thing needs to be disabled. I certainly do not want my computer hibernating when I am runnin
  4. Currently SVN, tortoiseSVN. (separated source code from executable). I would change to git, but i haven't decided the best implementation or client.
  5. Most Uart devices don't support that data rate. I guess maybe make sure that the USB device supports it. I have only seen one that support this baud rate. I think it was an NI device. Your generic USB to uart usually caps at 115200.
  6. When Trying this in a larger project I seem to get the following problem: Error 1017, (I seem to see this error quite a lot since i started working from a networked drive.)
  7. @hooovahh If i could be so bold as to ask, and i am indeed very interested on how you use SVN with LabVIEW. (Maybe we can talk at NI week 2017) My setup uses tortoiseSVN and no plugins to SCC like the one provided by pushok. I have separated compiled code from VIs (although i seem to still get changes that lvdiff describes as no change) I use externals for components that i use between projects. What do you use to pull in the current SVN Version? Do you induce a commit during pre-build to help guarantee reproducible builds? How do you manage the configuration of the
  8. I think you might be looking for the cross-correlation function. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-correlation
  9. So for a while, I have wanted a good way of identifying my builds and one way is to add build date to the front panel. Typically I had done this manually, I have searched for a good solution for automating this but, but typically the answer is very obfuscated. Then one day I had a thought, I could use VI scripting to generate a VI holding a constant and in a way use it as a pre-processor to make things happen. I'll provide a rough outline and a project of how I made things work. And who knows maybe someone has an even better solution. I suppose it was kinda obvious that this could be done
  10. It was a niche use-case, 99% of the expressions were only ran 1 time. I did look at that Expression Parser. If it would have worked i wouldn't have gone through the trouble of building this monstrosity. but at the end of the day it had to support more than just numeric types.
  11. I have Created a dll that takes a variant pointer and sets the value to a string. Its very simple... But i want to easily move information to and from LabVIEW with very little overhead. I was wondering if there was a equivalent C api for Get/Set variant attributes? cviauto.h has many variant related functions that work well for manipulating data inside the variant but i can't seem to access the attributes.
  12. I have been using the D programming language (http://dlang.org/) lately, I like that its not a preprocessor dependent and that it compiles to machine code nicely. I personally hope it becomes C++ successor.
  13. I would like to present one of my latest projects, a port of the Gold Parser Engine to LabVIEW. It was not easy, I needed More advanced evaluation than the Built in LabVIEW functions could offer, so I found the Gold parser engine for Java and VB, and yes i could use the .net but I couldn't get it to work well with reentrant calls to parse multiple things in parallel. So I put this together, I would like to polish it with the LV community, And Make it work even faster than it is already. I would like to thank, Devin Cook and Ralph Iden, for their excellent work on the previous Engines. In
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