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  1. First of all thanks for reply. Scaling is not a problem. I am 100% sure. moreover, i am reading voltage from force sensor(ICP) then using sensitivity, convert into EU unit(Newton). Here stable mean to say there is no any kind of damping oscillation wave because of spring.
  2. Hello, I dont think so i got right value because actual weight of my system is ~400 g but my daq program giving me a strange value (like 40g, 29g, etc..). if i read more sample than some time this value increase. anyone has an idea? why this happen for stable mass system hanging with spring ?
  3. you mean to say that i should find mean instead of RMS Right?
  4. Hello Everyone, Need some verification with daq program. I have one force sensor that connectd with my usb daq device. with this force sensor, unknown object is connected(hanging) and i want to find the mass of this object (F=ma) so i am taking continous sample and generate waveform graph. After the scaling, my waveform will be in Newton unit. my question is: if i take RMS of this waveform(1d Array data point) and divide by g (9.8 m/s2) then whatever value come is my correct mass? (F=ma). Thank you in advance
  5. Yes, You are right, we are not able to make it fully automate because We can only close pop-up dialog box manually.
  6. This is also working with my code but the problem is adding Signature line. if I use AddSignatureLine Mehtod then during creation of Excel report, it will open Signature dialog box that is not what i want using ActiveX.
  7. Hello, Is it possble to put signatureline into excel footer using Active X ?
  8. Presently Tortoise SVN
  9. Hello everyone, I am planning to give CLD exam but my question is: is this certification make any significase difference ? If yes, then where can I find proper guidance for preparation of this exam. Thanks.
  10. HI May be this two link will help you http://www.bloomy.com/support/blog/object-oriented-labview-inheritance-part-1-3-part-series http://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Program-Drafts/Applying-Common-Object-Oriented-OO-Design-Patterns-to-LabVIEW/ta-p/3510571
  11. In this case, I think, there is still some dependency that why it shows conflicts
  12. I dont think so there is simple way because of PPL . just load funtion from new PPL location
  13. May be following link helpful to you. 1.http://www.ni.com/tutorial/4656/en/ 2.http://home.hit.no/~hansha/documents/labview/training/Data Acquisition in LabVIEW/Data Acquisition in LabVIEW.pdf
  14. yes but same problem(German char) is working fine with LabVIEW11 and LabVIEW10. is there any change in flatten to string or unflatten from string function in LabVIEW 2014?
  15. Hello, I am trying to make communication between Two LabVIEW(Version 10 & Version 14) application through TCP\IP. I am sending cluster(Inc.Variant and String Control) from LabVIEW14 To LabVIEW 10 over TCP\IP. In this case everything work fine but when I include German word (Ex. Ü or Ö) there is error like 'Error 74 occurred at Unflatten from String.' Additional if i try to send data through Class than again there is flatten to string or XML error. Anyone has idea what to do with it ? NOTE: Same Communication between LabVIEW10 and LabVIEW 11 work fine even If I send (Ü, Ö,).
  16. Hello Everyone, i am creating a LabVIEW Application in OOP that communicate with two different version of LabView(10 & 14) through TCP\IP.. In procedural programming I do by converting cluster data to string(Flatten to string) but in OOP should I also use class and Flatten to string function? whether i will receive correct information.?
  17. I have intermediate experience in OO that'y i am not prefer to have Actor Framework because i know about how learning curve of Actor framework.
  18. Well by oop i would expect Modularity and by adding HAL(in OOP) gives Scalablility .I will not going to follow AF but I am trying to use Producer-Consumer and each case in Consumer loop become Dynamic dispatch.
  19. Hello Everyone, I need litter suggestion about object oriented with Producer Consumer design pattern. I have One MAIN program and Other 7 module that controlled (mean sending message or command by queue to module) by MAIN program and it has producer consumer design pattern.Now i want to convert this application into OOP but my doubt is if I will convert in OOP then each case in consumer loop is become a class(Command pattern).In such case I have more than 100-200 class in entire application. is it good idea to have such big amount of class in application? or i misunderstand something? looking forward to your suggestion.thanks
  20. yes,you are correct testpanel not able to find INI file. Finally everything is working ..Thanks for your help.
  21. Hello Everyone, I am new to object oriented programming in LabVIEW. I am working with injector measurement system in LabVIEW that use (Procedure Programming Style) Producer Consumer Design pattern After careful reading about object oriented, I come to know its benefit. So I want to use OOP in my current application. Anyone could give some idea which design pattern is equivalent to producer Consumer. Thank you in advance .
  22. Hello, I am working on Diesel Injector measurement system. For controlling test bench LabVIEW(Full development system sp1) is used. Problem in detail: Main Program will call another VI(it is in Project packed Library called as Test Panel).Everything work fine in development system but when I try to make an Application at that time Test panel** program start & within one second it is closed ,Application become unstable Thank you in advance ** Test panel is a module program,included into PPL.In the attach pic, I am working with 'Module Program Labview2010' that send message or data to PCRs5 through 'Testpanel ppl'
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