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  1. Thanks a lot! Now I see - I didn't know, that there is no exact standart for it.
  2. Let me, please, also ask a question regarding the toolkit. Currently to prettify JSON string, I use function Reformat.vi. But, no matter which value of "Pretty Print Levels" I set, the output is the following: { "Item":{ "Property1":{"Name":"Property1 Name","Active":true}, "Property2":{"Name":"Property2 Name","Active":true}, "UID":43, "Active":true } } But, I'd like to have it as the following (with prettified nested objects): { "Item": { "Property1": { "Name": "Property1 Name", "Active": true }, "Property2": { "Name": "Property2 Name", "Active": true }, "UID": 43, "Active": true } } Is it the expactable behavior, or some kind of bug - that somehow it does not prettify nested JSON objects... JSON itself I generate using Unflatten JSONpath Array to Object.vi function - as inputs I set JSON paths, and values - and after that, Reformat.vi is applied... Thanks a lot in advance, Sincerely, Ivan.
  3. Thank you for your reply - I've already tried, and succeed to downconvert it to LabVIEW 2015; everything seems to be working. I'd rather use it as plain lvlib, because I do not prefer using packed libraries... Thank you!
  4. If I'd like to use this library in LV 2015 - is it permitted that I could re-save code to LV 2015, and use it as library there?
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