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  1. Out of interest, what are the MD5/SHA1 hashes of the problematic lvanlys.dll? I have a LV2019 SP1 64-bit install (via NIPM, not the offline iso), and analysis functions are working. The copy of lvanyls.dll I have match the file size and modification date in your screenshot. Its hashes are: MD5: 8b57b1ab47c00387b370d3d0fac0a246 SHA1: 7d45297d3e1d10f1de5960c116c58b7dc186fd2e
  2. Some more LabVIEW from the past, this time from The Minnesota Apple Computer Users Group newsletter, mini'app'les (December 1989). "Hubba, hubba, hubba!" Mini'App'LesNewsletter1989-12.pdf
  3. Here's a review of LabVIEW 5.0 from Macworld magazine, July 1998. "It's gigantic---a typical installation might involve 200MB of support files and programs"
  4. I assume you meant this video? There is this older video of Dr. T and Jeff K. introducing a LabVIEW Basics Interactive CD-ROM (~LabVIEW 4), but it's not as exciting as the LabVIEW 5 promo.
  5. I had a go at recreating the benchmark (but with preallocated string keys), and maps did perform slightly worse than variants, but still within about 5% of each other. Flipping the map key type over from string to U64 increased the map performance by ~10%. You may be seeing the sorting overhead of maps (and sets). AFAIK variant attributes are unsorted, whereas key/value pairs in maps are sorted on insert/delete. This exchange on Twitter has some more info:
  6. A few more April Fools of the past (and a fake fake one from 2019):
  7. Maps in LabVIEW 2019?
  8. Not quite a meme, but my attempt at an NI style April Fools product announcement (a fake fake product announcement?). See links at the bottom of post for a history of NI's real April 1st jokes. A history of NI's April Fools' courtesy of the Wayback Machine: "National Instruments Announces PC-Based Solution for Matrimonially Inept" (1998) "Spousal Acquisition Toolkit Version 2.0 -- Now Featuring Undo!" (1999) "New MXI Interface Kit for Palm Pilot IIIc" (2000) "President Bush Nominates Jeff Kodosky to Cabinet Post" (2001) "New eIeI/O Software Suite Introduces eFarming" (2002) "New PXI Module Transfers Engineering Knowledge into Marketing Brains" (2003) "National Instruments Releases LabVIEW 7 Espresso" (2004) "Use LabVIEW Graphical Programming to Complete Your Tax Return" (2005) "National Instruments Announces Plans for 'Engineer Barbie'" (2006) "National Instruments Re-Releases LabVIEW 2.0" (2007) "Elementary Students Use NI LabVIEW to Model Impact of Simultaneous Trigger of Rapid Flow Events" (2008) "NI LabVIEW R&D Team Responds to Rumors About Performance-Enhancing Substances" (2009) "National Instruments Develops Cybernetic Leadership Team" (2010) "Time Capsule Captures NI Founders' Technology and Cultural Predictions" (2011) "National Instruments Releases King-Sized Products to Address Big Data Challenges" (2013) "NI Announces New Certification Level: Certified LabVIEW Gladiator" (2014) (Wayback Machine didn't have this one archived. NI pulled it pretty quickly supposedly because people seemed to be taking it seriously) "NI drives time travel with stylish new cRIO module" (2017)
  9. I mostly post these over on Twitter, but here's some LabVIEW memes I've made: LabVIEW Style Checklist: "Size the block diagram window no larger than the screen size." Me: ✅
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