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  1. Yes. To that end, the thing that mostly drew my attention to Azure DevOps last night was the support for TFVC. They advertise Git repos so heavily that I actually didn't realize they (still?) supported that VCS until I took a closer look. You are right, I probably should have limited my question to TFVC and not mentioned Pipelines as it certainly isn't the priority. Maybe tomorrow I'll find a little time to install Team Explorer and play around with it... but when I went looking for the download link I found a MS rep's blog post that basically said MS wasn't going to release a standa
  2. Before I go into that, may I ask why you are migrating away from SVN? I'm looking for perspective on other VCS options. As to your question, I think it mostly boils down a lot of little UX frustrations. So far I've had more trouble finding my way around the Bitbucket UI than any other. That said, after spending a little more time with it today... my view is softening a little. I also find the way Atlassian separates everything in different tools to be a little confusing. For example, to get project management, repository storage, and user management, I would need to subscribe
  3. Maybe, but honestly I think it's just the Linux culture. There really isn't one singular, official GUI for the OS itself, why would we expect one for the VCS created by the same guy to manage the kernel source? Besides, if we took that as a valid reason not to create a GUI for something then how do we end up using a graphical programming language?! 🤣
  4. So let's pretend for a moment that Git hasn't taken over the world. Assuming you had a choice, what is your toolchain of choice these days? This is more about total platform than specific VCS implementation. I work with a small team with a badly overdue need for SCC. I find myself in a position to change some things, but, unfortunately, I've spent most of my career here and I'm a bit lacking in experience myself, so I've been looking into available options for a few days. The more I research, the deeper down this rabbit hole I go. Maybe a bit of discussion will help solidify the tools and
  5. Which goes a long way towards explaining why it's necessary to use the CLI for so much. (And why there isn't actually a real official GUI to begin with.) I'm not saying you are wrong about the CLI being better for some tasks, but this message seems clear enough to me. That said, GitKraken does not seem to show any warnings at all when creating a detached head or navigating away from one. That's a bit disappointing.
  6. Assuming you've tried both, what are some of the features you found useful over Sourcetree? At least at a glance they look pretty similar. GitKraken has the ability to add issues to the sidebar, which is nice. Unfortunately, it only seems to be available for Jira and their own Boards product, and I'm not really planning to use either... probably.
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