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  1. Hi, If I remember correctly, only the minimize window option is responsible for a visible task bar button. alex
  2. Hi, try the national instruments tutorial http://zone.ni.com/devzone/conceptd.nsf/we...6256E58005D9712 good day alex
  3. The answer is, it is not supported as traditional device. You can only use it as a DAQmx device. caio alex
  4. Now I know what the navigation window is good for. But I am sorry for all that people who have to deal with such VIs
  5. There was an article about a spell check in the LTR Volume 10 Number 4. LabVIEW Technical Resource cheers alex
  6. Drag and drop VI icon over string control to get the VI name into the control.
  7. There is a Vi in the OpenG palette Get Frontmost VI.vi - Gets the name of the fronmost VI btw thanks to Jim Kring for the VI. You do not have the openg library, download the OpenGCommander openg.org and install the application control package. For your second question Lets have a look to the labview help Index window, appearance options. :clock: Window Behavior
  8. Hi James, have a look at the FAQ Getting started with labview
  9. FLX


    Now I have written a small vi that do the sizing. Good day Alex Aller guten Dinge sind Drei Download File:post-688-1114197055.vi
  10. FLX


    An other method to set a specific cell value is the invoke node is set cell value bad
  11. FLX


    Hi Sarah, You can build an array of string and add the header values with the table property "row header". For the other values you build a 2D array and set the table control value. if you want to know what size your string is, you can use the VI Get Text Rect. See image, too. Ciao Alex
  12. Hi, did you already configure NI-VISA to access your USB-Device. if not here a starting point. Using NI-VISA 3.0 to Control Your USB Device good day Alex
  13. I think you have to use for the type input of the variant to data function an array of refnums, because in the VB is the first element selected with index 0 DevicesCol(0).
  14. Hi, if you search with google for "Windows Message Queue Library LabVIEW". You should come to this link. Windows Message Queue Library In the readme you find the message numbers, too. #define WM_QUERYENDSESSION 0x0011 good luck :thumbup: alex
  15. Hi, you can but your buttons in a cluster and convert it to array and then in numeric. But take care for the control order in your cluster, because the order number is going to be your numeric value.
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