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  1. Hi there, I'm still using attributes feature of the SQLite Lib and come across a random issue. I'm sometimes stuck in the Reset function of the Get Attribute. VI cannot be aborted and the only solution I have is to kill LabVIEW to get out of this. It guess something goes wrong with SQLite ref, but can't figure out what. I open the connection at the application start up and close the connection at the end. Issue occurs out of these 2 different steps. Any idea on what's happening? [EDIT] I think, I found the bug in my code where I was closing the connection. Anyway, ca
  2. Semaphore was the most natural solution to implement for me, but I made the fix for my use case, and I can see issues in some cases. Building tools for everyone is not that simple. Anyway, I take the opportunity of this message to thank you for the great job you've been with this tool đź‘Ť.
  3. I implemented the fix for get attribute polymophic VIs. It works on my test. If it can help, I attached the fix (just replace the Lookup folder in ..\vi.lib\drjdpowell\SQLite Library). Fix is made with LV2019. Lookup.zip
  4. I think I got the thing. Get Attribute function is not reentrant, a good thing in our case, but Get Attribute is a polymorphic VI. If I read 3 Dbl attributes in parallel, everything is fine. If I try to get a 4th string attribute, I get the error. As far as I know, I can't see another thing to do but implement a semaphore to prevent this error. [EDIT]Same thing should apply for Set Attribute[/EDIT]
  5. I made some tests with attributes. When I read attributes in parallel, I have the following error that pops-up randomly: It seems that statement used to read the attribute could be "broken." I continue my investigation and keep you posted.
  6. Hey there, I've been successfully and happily SQLite Library for months to save application configuration. But these days I'm facing some issues when my last app is running on different computers. Sometimes, it seems that the configuration is not completely or correctly read. When I'm applying configuration, I read DB multiple times in parallel at different locations. As far as I know, SQLite manages that properly. But as far as the issue occurs randomly, I have to suspect parallel executions issue. Note that, in addition to usual tables, I'm using the Attribute feature of the SQLite
  7. Oups sorry fr the radio silence, I didn't receive notification of your post... I'll give a try to that and keep you posted.
  8. Hi there, I'm experiencing a weird behavior with foreign key constraint. I'm inserting a row in a table with a bad "link" (id in parent table doesn't exist). I'm expecting an error to be thrown by EXEC but not error and the "bad" row is inserted !? If I execute the same SQL query in SQLiteExpert an error is thrown as expected... Note 1: I have UNIQUE constraint in my table that correctly throw error when value inserted is not unique Note 2: I found the message below related to error propagation, but in my case return code is equal to 0 If someon
  9. RT @VI_Technologies: #LabVIEW #DidYouKnow you can fetch both dimension sizes of a 2D array using "Matrix Size". https://t.co/DFwuYOkkzN

  10. Dans 8 jours, j'aurais le plaisir de présenter une des dernières nouveautés de #LabVIEW lors de #NIDays à Paris, le… https://t.co/2RpmUcZx9N

  11. @Fabiola31416 @studiobods @GDevConference Great ??

  12. @Fabiola31416 @joerghampel @RoebuckChris @studiobods Thank you @Fabiola31416 for the help but you can’t fight again… https://t.co/2gsrCx5b56

  13. Les 2 présentations que j'ai animées et coanimées lors de la dernière rencontre LUGE #LabVIEW #Rhône-Alpes sont dis… https://t.co/0ciNms1JzT

  14. #LabVIEW rocks in french alps !!! Hier, une quarantaine de développeurs #LabVIEW  étaient présents à la 5e rencont… https://t.co/r01iB83xrb

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