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  1. RT @vishots: New features showing off web VIs https://t.co/0haSgx5nxb #NIWeek https://t.co/AKn9FDBCfA

  2. Ready for tomorrow #NIWeek https://t.co/ieFANbXVtV

  3. @NIglobal @nifrance 3:00am I'm on my way to Austin TX #NIWeek https://t.co/2eWYjKGpsG

  4. RT @ValaAfshar: Let me just PHYSICS myself out of this hole —@learn_things https://t.co/zahTd5U9gG

  5. QMT Group (SAPHIR and Qualimatest) will be donating a bottle of French wine and a Swiss knife (that will help to open the bottle ).
  6. RT @Icanfindjeremy: Coming to #NIWeek? All the cool kids will be at #LAVABBQ2016. One week left to save on tickets https://t.co/ZGF8t2usAe

  7. @Benoit_Collet @ojourdan C'est certain, mais une fois qu'on y a goûté...

  8. Hey Jeremy, Tried from home, it worked. I'll be there (previous transaction was probably prevented by my company's IT )
  9. Hi everyone, I tried to register this morning without success I got the following message : "Processing is slower than usual. Please do not close this window". I gave up after 15 min. Anybody came across this issue ? Thanks,
  10. RT @SAPHIR_fr: Glad to read the last review of GDatabase for MySQL on http://t.co/9ndo2W8TOU via http://t.co/vmRcn3Ok6m#LabVIEW #MySQL #Ad…

  11. #NIWeek is now finished. Lot of interesting things done and many things to do. Hope to come back next year. Safe trip back to all.

  12. RT @eyesonvis: Congratulations Matthias Baudot! #NIWeek World's Fastest LabVIEW Programmer 2015 http://t.co/tHoqnueiHs

  13. They are going to challenge the champions #NIWeek http://t.co/HMjAdmZxwQ

  14. As usual, lot of people to listen @Fabiola31416 presentation. Never be late #NIWeek http://t.co/Rv2BvydJ0v

  15. Great to see you @Fabiola31416 at #NIweek thanks for sharing your thoughts about VI Analyser http://t.co/bsquFGLpbM

  16. Did you know that VI Analyser toolkit can check code before #LabVIEW upgrade ? #NIWeek

  17. RT @lavag: Stay up-to-date with all the behind-the-scenes #niweek fun by following @lavag ! Parties, can't-miss sessions: you'll find it al…

  18. Just arrived in Austin. Have to recover from the long trip from France to enjoy #NIWeek

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