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  1. 3:00 am waking up up to flight from France to #NIWeek

  2. RT @Fabiola31416: Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH) available via LVTN http://t.co/cE0uQye6Xu

  3. Happy to go to Rome for the European CLA summit in April. Can't wait to see so many interesting presentations and discussion about #labVIEW

  4. Dernière étape des journee technique LabVIEW, demain a Grenoble. Ce sera l'occasion de rencontrer les membres du LUGE.

  5. Je poursuit mon "petit" LabVIEW tour demain à Lyon. Je suis impatient de pour voir partager avec d'autre utilisateur…http://t.co/Fx4MunC1i6

  6. Le sujet Coder plus vite avec @labview a eu beaucoup de succès à Marseille pendant la JTLV !Impatient de le faire à Grenoble et Lyon

  7. Everyone counts, it not depends on how "old" you are. I know very old people able to do thing I'll never do However, Strava is "GPS activity" oriented. Bike, run, ski…. You can still join to follow and give kudos to members or give a try to new sports
  8. 40 mile ! Can't wait to see your race in Strava ! Hope you'll have a perfect weather (no rain, not too much sun).
  9. You use @labview ? You do sports ?Join @Strava club I've just created http://t.co/cSlvXCwYrX and challenge others developers !

  10. Hello everyone, I don't how you manage that on you own, but when I have spent to much time on LabVIEW code I need to do sports to find inspiration or simply forget concerns for one hour or two. If you are used to do the same thing, you can joined "LabVIEW Users Do Sports" STRAVA club http://www.strava.com/clubs/LabviewUsersDoSports I'll find it funny to follow and challenge other LabVIEW users all around the world. I look forward to seing your run on Strava. Olivier
  11. SAPHIR is glad to offer 2 headlamps TIKKA Plus Petzl Night motion limited edition . Note that these headlamps designed and manufactured in the french Alps are tested with LabVIEW
  12. Hello every one, To avoid too much thread jacking, I've reply to John on our community page --> https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-21668#comment-28558 Hope that the new version should bring you most than the current one. Feel free to ask me for beta. Concerning access to diagram is not that simple because this toolkit is developed by a company not by one person on his spare time. I'm not saying that the code won't be accessible in the future, but in a short term, it's not planned to be done. Note that this choice is not only relying on me.
  13. Organisation de la première rencontre Rhône-Alpes LabVIEW User Group le 4 juillet prochain https://t.co/VUTofgXJPyExprimez-vous :)

  14. Tabing navigation with XControl is really painful to implement, but it's doable. You can see an example with placeHolder Xcontrol here --> https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-21668 I've posted an idea about this, but get not much kudos for --> http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Add-quot-Get-focus-quot-facade-VI-Event-to-XControl/idi-p/1482670
  15. A. A. A. To be fair, I run into much C, but I can't think ui without the use of XControl. I want #5 Jack mention to be false, but I'have to recognize that XControls new features or bug fix are really rare
  16. CLA summit is a thing that should encourage you to be certified

  17. 3rd day European #CLAsummit discussing about our #LabVIEW IDE dream

  18. #CLAsummit end of day 2. Having a break with Mathilde, Luc et Mathieu http://t.co/HbpCgyOC6t

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