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  1. Stop to use #labview for the next few days. I'll be back on my VIs in 2013.Happy new year to everyone.

  2. Working on #lv2012 new template project to easily create new plugin for Topaze https://t.co/UFHOPug8

  3. De retour de #mesurexpo20121 h de retard à Chambéry, mais mon TGV était bien au départ de Paris.

  4. Using #lego #mindstorm and #labview for the first time ! Really cool thing.

  5. You are not using QuickDrop in #labview ? Read this http://t.co/6dSYd2k7 to understand why you should.

  6. On vacation right now for 2 weeks ! Yeaaah !

  7. Great feature : #LabVIEW 2012 Now Shipping With VIPM 2012 http://t.co/Iwphe0a8 via @jkisoftware

  8. Meet some great community super user at #NIWeek2012 this morning

  9. Just won prize offered by @eyesonvis at the LAVA/OpenG BBQ

  10. Here I am! Registration done for #NIWeek2012

  11. You should visit us at SAPHIR during this 9 months. We are in the french Alps at 3 hours from Paris in train.
  12. Pass my CLD recertification :)

  13. RT @saphir_fr: Motivé pour rejoindre notre équipe, Saphir recrute ! http://t.co/8rCBNXu1 #labview #teststand #job

  14. RT @niweek: Find out how to escape the Texas heat during NIWeek 2012: http://t.co/hyJSvk3m

  15. Je mets labview de côté pour 5 min, le tour de France passe à 100 m de SAPHIR.

  16. Resizable UI’s in LabVIEW : Like this https://t.co/RjczOqNE on UI Interest Group #labview #ui

  17. Just bought my ticket for LAVA/OPENG BBQ. Can't wait to be in Austin for #niweek

  18. I've missed this post Congratulations! They are beautiful. Hope your nights are not too noisy
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