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  1. have you tried to test your board with more simple aquisition task ?
  2. here is some information about future release of LabVIEW on Intel For french speaker there is also here Ptit bras
  3. I came across this "bug" few month ago Really, LabVIEW is not "made for Mac"
  4. Thanks for the tip, it's ok for a certain way, but when you have to "play" dynamicly with path it's not an available solution One solution is to use the CFURL.llb available in vi.lib>Platform. You can find VI like "pathToUnixPath" and "UnixPathToPath". (this solution was given to us by a member of this forum... I don't remember is name... but :thumbup: ) Ptit bras
  5. Hi mac users, I found this on ni.com (see atachment), but I'm not able to use the widget. I obtain "unable to locate VI" message with all config I Tried Does anybody try to use it ? Ptit bras Download File:post-853-1125045422.zip
  6. Hi, Perhaps it's too late, but I have succesfully use VISA and serial Port on RedHat 9 and LabVIEW 7.0 following this document One of my client have made the same thing on a CALDERA 3.1.1 hope this can help somebody...
  7. Hi, I'am developping on Mac OSX (and also OS 9) for a multiplatform project (Win XP, Linux, Mac). I'am very disappointed about the way of LabVIEW convert the the path on OS X. It's a " melting-pot" of OS 9 and ... nothing There is anybody that have a solution to : find the root hard drive, the user directory ("~") and above all how to find/build a network path Thanks for the mac user help and sorry for my poor english
  8. LabVIEW does not implement ModBus Protocol You can find the specification of the ModBus Protocol here and develop your own driver :headbang: There is also existent driver (not free, but tried and tested :thumbup: ) for example here. There is an exe demo to test the communication with your device Hope this can help you
  9. Hi, There is a ModBus TCP Driver for LV 7.0 here, it is not free, but there is an exe demo to try to comunicate Hope this can help you
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