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  1. I think that VIPM and LabVIEW Tools Network is the solution that NI provide in order to "upgrade LabVIEW experience". It gives access to tools (free or not) with a minimum of "quality" checking. It's certainly have to be improved but I think that it's done continuously since it was released in LV2010.
  2. As a side node about "XControls things to know", I encourage to read this post, it's good to know that before starting to use XControl in your code.
  3. There is no good idea because there is no audio My spoken english is worse than my written english
  4. Excellent question Saphir Software License Agreement (see attachment) is displayed during installation process. Anyway, I know this is not really fun to read, so to be short: You can use XControls in any app you want (free or commercial app) You have to mention the use of the toolkit in someway You cannot resell the toolkit SAPHIR-SLA.txt
  5. New XControls free toolkit for #labview available https://t.co/OI30kTvIAny feedbak welcome

  6. Hello all, We've been using XControls in a lot of our application and products. We were thinking to offer some of them in a free toolkit. It's done now. Just follow this link https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-21668 to download the package and enjoy the use of these controls in your application. We hope that they would be helpful for you and we really would like to hear feedback from any LabVIEW developer about them (use, LabVIEW integration, ease of implementation,...). Regards.
  7. Please have a look to this important note about our free toolkit update here --> https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/saphir-toolkit/blog/2012/03/12/important-vibox--probes-update We encourage every users to update as soon as possible and hope that nobody has came across this issue. Regards, Olivier
  8. Cluster seems to need a "classic" object to be typed, could be understand. I also tried to load VIs in subpanel contain in an array, but I couldn't retrieve the reference to each subpanel. Anyway, I have to say that trying this could lead to some difficulties like the management of the modification of the array content. How LV could manage references from deleted element. If this was easy to implement I'm pretty sure that NI would have enable the feature. Regards, Olivier
  9. LV let you drop the subpanel in the cluster but code is not executable. I think we need to remember that a subpanel is "special" control. It has no terminal on the diagram, so it's not really surprising that it behave differently. Anyway, it would be really exiting to add it in an array. I'd like to do that many times
  10. XControl could be seen as a subpanel, you visualize the FP of the facade.vi and as far as I know you cannot use a subpanel as element of an array.
  11. Packaging XControls for a free toolkit announced a little while ago https://t.co/JUEPo4Mr

  12. Les slides de notre présentation lors de #NIDays sur l'OOP et LabVIEW sont disponible sur cette page http://t.co/ITvSNxHT (Ampère 9 - 12h45)

  13. En route pour Paris et les #NIDays 2012.

  14. This is Friday 7 pm and built source code works differently than code I've debugged for over two days. Really frustrating!

  15. Just renewed my #LAVA premium membership

  16. Holidays period is the best time to use #labview because customers are on holidays ;) Happy holidays to them and to #labview users

  17. Great article on debugging tips from JKI's guys on #NI website http://t.co/qfeu8DAZThank you to speek about about SAPHIR Custom probes ;)

  18. I like this submision to the #LabVIEW Code Challenge Winter 2011-2012 https://t.co/3lQtIubM

  19. You could use the following code to set all cells of mclb to the same format. This not a "clear formatting" method, but it works and it's efficient. Regards, Olivier FormatAllCells.vi
  20. I've posted a video for #nifrance ui contest organised for #niday in Paris.Watch it and vote for if it deserves http://t.co/pYQtx7Tw

  21. Database Connectivity Toolkit is not compatible with Linux and RT target We have successfully test a beta version of our toolkit on a cRIO-9012 running on VxWorks, but it still remains a beta version.
  22. The toolkit is from SAPHIR (www.saphir.fr) Concerning PostgreSQL, if you have access to the TCP protocol (I never used this database), it's the better way to implement it in order to support RT target. Indeed, RT target could run on Pharlap or on VxWorks and you should write two different wrappers to support both OS. Last personal argument for TCP protocol, writing G code is much more funny than text based language Olivier (from SAPHIR )
  23. Demain, je donne une présentation sur la POO à la journée technique #LabVIEW http://t.co/l758tMXn.J'espère être à la hauteur avec Mathilde

  24. I'm not trying to convince ShaunR, I'm just sharing my experience with OOP I've been working with LV for a few years now, and moving to OOP has been for me a great thing. That's not a reason to not understand ShaunR argument. I've"liked" is post, anyway I think is way of thinking reach limits when you work in a team.
  25. One thing that OOP helps to solve is the team work. OOP has "rules" that you must follow, when these rules are well known, you reduce dramatically the need to write documentation on how access data, how share source code, how organize your VIs, etc... Also rules are better followed when they come from "nobody" (OOP is not a guy in your team) than if they come from one man in a team. This avoid most of quarrel in a team...
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