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  1. I am up for my 3rd CLD recert. When I got my CLD I really leaned a lot in the process. I think going through the process has a lot of value. Yes every recert is a little scary but I usually learn something that I would't have otherwise. Isn't that the point? So good luck!!
  2. IMHO every word, term, or name ever thought up by humans was made up by somebody sitting around a fire in an altered state of mind... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWN9rTc08GU
  3. I'll be at the Omni Sun: ?? Mon: Alliance Day Tues: ?? Wed: NI Party Thurs:Home Really looking forward to NI week this year. A whole week of sleep in a quiet room! My wife is very jealous... The Library on 6th street has $1 cocktails. I always try to stop in.
  4. OK I think I figured out a cool solution. I recorded a macro using excel's filter capability. 1. I recorded a macro in excel and named it Trigger 2. Using excel's filter function I selected the column of data I wanted and set up the filter parameters (i.e. number greater than 1). 3. Saved the template with the recorded macro 4. In my LabVIEW program after I copy the template and populate the data I can run the excel macro "Trigger" from LabVIEW. This looks like it works great.
  5. Hello, I have an interesting feature request that I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I am acquiring data using LabVIEW and storing the data into excel. I have an excel template that I am copying and I am populating the data into the excel template. This works great! My customer wants the excel template to contain a macro that filters the data. The data filter algorithim would act like a trigger. The algorithim would look at a user specified channel until it found a trigger value (i.e. number greater than 2). Once it found that value the algorithim would hide the excel rows from time 0 to time x (x being the trigger value). Is there a library of excel macro's that might have something similar to the functionality described? Would this be difficult to develop an excel macro to do what I described. Thanks Dan
  6. This is a cool feature! Here is the official NI word on it How can I tell if there is an application instance already open? I have a use case where the customer wants 2 instances of the program. Instance 1 uses com1. Instance 2 uses Com 2. I have the com port info saved in an .ini file. I need the 2nd instance to use a 2nd .ini file. So I need to detect if there is an instance already running. If so use the 2nd ini file. Any suggestions? Dan
  7. ASTDan

    New Sub VI

    The diaper error handler only handles 2 error cases. Poop or pee. (Number 1 or 2 if working with integers) The general error handler (crying) gets called for all error cases . Currently I am tying to lower the crying amplitude property. The default is set WAY to loud. Any suggestion on where this is located would be appreciated. I filed a bug report with the hospital but they are ignoring me.
  8. ASTDan

    New Sub VI

    I am proud to announce the birth of my Daughter Josephine Mae Shangraw 7lbs 14 oz
  9. My Suspicion would be a quarter bridge (strain) load cell. See this tutorial on the subject http://zone.ni.com/d...a/tut/p/id/3642
  10. Check this out http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=170&message.id=390557 I have used this architecture in some of my projects. I like this when I need to send message to dynamically running VI's
  11. I have been creating html files in word and the compiling them in .chm. Then I have a "Help" in the meunu bar that points to the .chm. Right now I just put operator help. This is for exe I develop for my customers. For the project I am working on right now I want to put links in the .chm file to pdf of the manuals for the hardware the customer is using. My idea is to have documentation that lives with the program. This way it is easier for the customer to manage. I have gotten some positive feedback on this. The software I develop is no where near the scope of what you take on, however you have made me think about other documentation I could be including. So what other documentation do people release with their executable i.e. help files, user manuals, bom, etc
  12. Hello, I have been using Microsoft's HTLM Help Workshop to create help files. Is there something better? What do people use to create and manage their help documentation. Thanks Dan
  13. This looks really Cool! UI Testing Has anyone done this?
  14. I don't put my .exe in SCC. I do however tag the code that was used to build the exe. This way I can easily look at the state of the code that corresponds to that built exe version.
  15. I will be at the West Michigan Competition March 19-20
  16. He became Anikin again after the bug fixes. Anikin = Good Darth = Bad
  17. I think the idea of quality is market driven. You want to make your products at a level that your customers trust your product will work as intended for a certain length of time. However not to high where it becomes cost prohibitive. That being said the market is constantly changing. There was mention of LabVIEW 5.1.1 being a stable version. However that version did not have Events, OOP, DAQmx, and a host of other features that we now consider essential. I think it is fair to say our expections of LabVIEW has risen over time. I have an engineering school example. We had to design something for a machine design class. One of the concepts we were learning was MTBF (Mean time before failure). Well I designed something that had a MTBF of like 40 years. My professor came down on me hard for the following reasons: The cost to make this was HUGE, my part would weigh A LOT, and did the market really want something that lasted that long? Also if everyone bought one of my super great products what then? They didn't need anymore for 40 years! Another example is a light bulb. I am sure a light bulb can be made to last 20 years. Are you willing to pay $20 it, or does paying $1 for a light bulb that lasts 3-5 good enough. From a company perspective having that replacement period 3-5 years is a nice revenue stream. Another concept I found very interesting was the higher you go up the standard deviation curve (2,3,4 standard deviations) the cost to achieve this is exponential. Again is the market willing to bear these higher costs? Luke = Good Darth = Bad
  18. I put all my queue functions inside a FGV accept the Dequeue.
  19. I have found bugs that in order to fix them I have to re-architect some of my code (taking many hours). Also, with experience and new knowledge I have learned better, more effective ways of doing things. I am sure NI, like all human beings are continually evolving. In a perfect world it sucks to pay for bugs fixes. That being said I think we would all go broke if nobody paid us to fix ours or somebody elses mistakes. Trying to minimize bugs I think is very good practice but to expect a bug free product without expecting to pay big bucks and I don't think is practical. Good, Fast, Cheep Pick 2 My $0.02
  20. I prefer the cold too. I have always liked right after it snows, so quiet. Last year we only turned the AC on twice.
  21. When it's summer I will brag I can walk outside and not melt into a puddle of goo from the heat.
  22. Ally Sheedy will always have a special place in my heart. You can get the girl by knowing something about computers.
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