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  1. My experience with Raspberry PI is they take a lot of work to get to do what you want. And then it isn't that great. For NAS I use these https://shop.westerndigital.com/products/network-attached-storage/wd-my-cloud-expert-series-ex2-ultra#WDBVBZ0000NCH-NESN Easy to use and good quality. My time is worth more than dinking with a PI....
  2. I try to keep a library of useful LabVIEW resources on my website you may be interested in https://www.autosofttech.net/resources/library-weblinks Welcome!!
  3. Google NI week Here is the link that I know of https://www.ni.com/en-us/events/niweek.html Not a lot of info yet...
  4. I store all my Repositories on my laptop. I have a repository for each project. I have been doing this for years and it works great. I need the repository on my laptop so I can go to customer sites to do installs and still have SCC. Now about backups. I used to use Windows backup for years but Windows discontinued it. I now use Aomei backupper https://www.aomeitech.com/aomei-backupper.html. I have the paid version. I back up to a Network attached storage that has 2 hard drives RAID together. I backup every day and keep a 60 day history. I then back up the back up to an external hard drive and store that in a water proof fire proof safe. I try to do that every week but it doesn't always happen. I looked into storing on the cloud but I have to much data. IMHO you NEED to backup. You also need it to happen automatically so you don't have to deal with it. Aomei does a good job and is very easy to use. I like it better than Windows backup. You can use whatever you want just make sure you use something and it is automatic. I really like my NAS. It is a western Digital My Cloud. Very easy to use and I like the RAID feature. The cloud would be fine to. There are a lot of services that will host your data and there are backup programs that can automatically handle that for you.
  5. 1. What type of source control software you are using? Tortoise SVN 2. You love it, or hate it? LOVE it! Been using it for many years 3. Are you forced to use this source control because it's the method used in your company, but you would rather use something else I use it because I want to. The documentation I have with every version change is invaluable. Also the ability to go back in time to a different version has been invaluable. 4. Pro's and Con's of the source control you are using? Pro: TortoiseSVN is very easy to use. I have a repo for each project I store on my local machine. Since I am a single developer I don't need a server. I can commit to my repository at my office or at a customer site. I haven't used TortoiseSVN in a multiple developer environment. If I did I would use the Lock Modify Unlock method https://tortoisesvn.net/docs/nightly/TortoiseSVN_en/tsvn-basics-versioning.html. I know a lot of people are moving toward a copy modify merge method using git. I haven't tried it. Tortoise SVN has saved my butt many times. I have had situations where my working copy got corrupted some how. No problem just go back to the last version. Its Free!!! Cons: Only very minor things if I did more research on the little things that bugged me I would probably find a solution. There are more important things I need to fix in my workflow. 5. Just how often does your source control software screw up and cause you major pain? Maybe a few times a year something weird happens. Because TortoiseSVN is so widely used I have always found the solution to the problem very quickly on line. I have never had a problem that took more than an hour to fix. I have never needed to branch and merge. I just go in one line. If I need to go back to a previous version I can and then continue on. That being said I have never need to do that but it is nice to know I can. I found this nice article that compares Git and SVN https://backlog.com/blog/git-vs-svn-version-control-system/
  6. Hello, I would like to share my company's YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu1cMQJvca8IQFa3CIU6L Right now I just have presentations from the South East Michigan LabVIEW User group. There is a great presentation from Fab about DQMH. I have 2 presentations posted, one on new features in LabVIEW 2020 and the other is a presentation on LabVIEW addons I use. In the future I hope to post presentations from the South East Michigan LabVIEW User group and other videos of interest to the LabVIEW community. Thanks
  7. Little late but I have been using this https://www.ubackup.com/ Seems to work. I have it back up to my NAS.
  8. Is there any beginner guides, Training material or any thing other than a 2 minute video for LabVIEW NXG?
  9. Yes I talked with a marketing person at NI. Due to the change to May for NI week they are not doing NI days 2016. She did say NI days will be back for 2017.
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I too have found maintaining a test library to be cumbersome. However I have to test my code somehow... Why not try to automate the tests I have created anyway... That was the idea in creating the unit tester. 1. Instead of creating a VI for every test with a pass/fail which you then scour for that indicator Look at "hooking" the actual VIs front panel controls' (there is an example on here I posted a long, long time ago) and comparing against expected values and limits. This will move the "pass/fail" into a single test harness VI, much like a plug-in loader, and for non iterative tests-will give you results without using a template or writing test specific code.. That is kind of like the NI unit tester. I tried that. I found it to be slow. When I am developing I build some code that tests the VI's as I code along. My unit tester is just an automated way of leveraging tests I have already created. I guess this is a personal preference on how people work, or it just exposes the clunky way I work... 2. Consider making the "Run Unit Tests" a stand-alone module. This will enable you to dynamically call it from multiple instances to run tests in parallel, if you so desire. Not a bad idea 3. Think about adding a TCPIP interface later Interesting Again thanks for the feedback
  11. I have used JKI unit tester. I found that to be slow as well. I looked at JKI Caraya. I was working on mine at the time... I had an idea on how I wanted to do Unit Tests and I made a tool for it. So far it is working well for me. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who would benefit from my cludgy way of thinking.
  12. Hello, I developed a simple and quick unit tester. My reason for developing this was NI's unit test framework is way to slow. Here is the download on the NI community site https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/ast-unit-tester?view=overview I also included a VI Package file Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks automated_software_technology_lib_ast_unit_tester-
  13. I upgraded to Windows 10 I like the backup program better, Windows 10 boots faster. I turned off updates, disabled tiles on the start menu. I have noticed too that pining something to the start menu is nebulous. I had trouble with my scanner driver. I had to strip it off with on external tool and reinstall it. After that it worked fine. LabVIEW seems to work OK. I was able to create a virtual machine with Oracle Virtual box much easier than windows 7. So its still windows just newer...
  14. Err on quoting high. You can always come down. Customers don't like it when you go up in price. When I started out I found I was underbidding myself. I would have an optimistic estimate on the time the project would take. Among the things to take into account when determining your time is Prototyping the UI, writing requirements, software testing, debug, and support. I have found I spend 1/3 in requirements, design, prototype, 1/3 programming, and 1/3 testing debug. Just taking programming time you will off by a factor of 3. Good Luck!
  15. I like Tom's book. I would recommend it. I have made a list of recommended books on my website if you are interested. http://www.autosofttech.net/resources/library-1#Books
  16. You could use a Current Transducer. I like these http://www.crmagnetics.com/Products/Split-Core-Transducers/CR4410S I don't know if the sensor will be fast enough for you application but take a look.
  17. Got my Ticket. Looking forward to seeing everybody
  18. I tried using a high pass filter and achieved some interesting results. I will be using real data soon, I will let everyone know the results I get. Thanks
  19. Hello, I am trying to develop an algorithm that counts the amplitude of AC "events" (see attached screen shot) In the graph there are 3 events. Does anybody have any idea on how to detect this? Thanks Dan
  20. Here is mine. The thing to be careful is not use characters that operating systems don't like i.e. "/" I use this to create a data/time stamp for a file name. This guarantees a unique file name
  21. Because the customer wants one... Usually the Dell desktop works fine. The question to ask is what type of environment will the PC be in? If the environment is oily or dusty and not temperature and humidity controlled an industrial PC might be a better choice. Just look at the specs of the PC. If it is designed for the environment you are good to go. I usually don't like supplying PC's. I have found companies' IT departments have PC's they like and are comfortable with. IT departments can get nervous when you put a computer not blessed by them. Another issue is when there are computer problems people call you instead of IT... Good Luck!
  22. Thank you for taking the time to do this and sharing you thoughts. I look forward to more observations.
  23. Right you are... I just include a readme text file with a list of supporting software (i.e. runtimes, drivers, etc). I am usually doing the initial system setup for my customers. I install all the necessary hardware. I have had customers where the program will be distributed around. In that case I make an installer. I have had good luck with batch files. They are handy when you need to do something outside the LV environmet. I am wondering if you could create a batch file that could check to see if the necessary drivers are installed. If drivers are present run the installer Else display a message.
  24. Have a look at this. It is an API to interact with MAX. I like the idea of pinging the system to see if the needed drivers are installed. Then prompting the user to download. I have used installers. I find them very large and they take time to set up. However customers are familiar with installers and they do have their place. There are also core versions of DAQmx that are smaller file size. These look to be promising. However in my experience there seems to be always one little feature I use that is not supported in the core and I need the full. Good Luck!
  25. You have an opportunity to do your passion, or work on somebody elses mess (reverse engineering for legacy system) Follow your passion my friend. Life is to short.
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