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  1. Yeah I have been looking courrier. However it looks like the font from Wargames.
  2. Because I have a feature request to fix the size of my sting control to X amount of characters. So I want to have a static string control size but need to be able to enter whatever characters I want. I am thinking a fixed width font would do nicely.
  3. You too!! http://www.statenews.com/index.php/multimedia/37097
  4. Hello, I was wondering what fixed width or monospaced font people like to use. Thanks Dan
  5. This is geared toward Compact RIO but there is some good stuff related to Real Time http://www.ni.com/compactriodevguide/
  6. I didn't see this! http://www.fogcreek.com/FogBugz/StudentAndStartup.html This would get me stared then if/when I expand it could grow with me. I am going to take another look at Fogbugz
  7. I have looked at Bugzilla and Fogbugz. They look like great products however for a single developer they seem like overkill. If I moved my organization to multiple developers these tools look like the way to go. However for just m,e I want a really simple tool that I can manage easily. That is what is scaring me off from a tool like Bugzilla and Fogbuz. The management issue . I would be curious to hear anyone's thoughts on my concerns. Right now what is appealing about access is I can use it in other areas of my business where a database makes sense i.e. customer management and issue tracking. Having separate tools for each of these tasks that I need to learn and manage is scaring me right now.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone does issue tracing/Bug Tracking using Microsoft Access? I found this template http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/TC012253481033.aspx This looks like a good solution for a small organization. Any thoughts, recommendations, pitfalls, horror stories, etc? Thanks Dan
  9. No wonder you like it Again I think racquetball is for me.
  10. Interesting... Skill and strength sounds like racquetball for me. There are squash courts at MSU. Never saw anyone in there and didn't know much about it.
  11. What do you like better squash or racquetball? Racquetball is fun, but whenever I play it I run into stuff (wall, the other guy)
  12. I agree exercise is boring. I have started to play tennis. This is FUN. You run around smacking the hell out of a little ball. Great for stress relief a lot of exercise and FUN!
  13. Watch out for Mr. Bookman
  14. I am a big library fan. Free books! Somebody was telling you you can get books from the library on your e-reader. Is that true? Instead of plugging into the books available from Amazon could you plug into the Library of Congress for example, and check out books instead of buying them?
  15. I have seen an e-reader once. I had a friend who traveled a lot and the convenience of it made a lot of sense for her. I was impressed with the screen. I like manuals in PDF form, however text books and fun books there is nothing like the real thing. Kirk used an e-reader so I guess it is just a matter of time.... Didn't Spock give him a real book once:rolleyes: Curling up by the fire on a cold winter night with a cup of hot coco and an e-book doesn't have a good ring to it...
  16. I recently came access this unit from Fluke. It is a multi function hand help process calibrator. It can simulate most sensor signals. This really interests me when I am on-site at a customer and have to make sure the measurement system is performing correctly. http://us.fluke.com/usen/products/Fluke+725.htm Does anybody have any experience with this? What do you use for process calibration/sensor simulation. Thanks Dan
  17. In case you are interested the new FIRST game was announced. You can also monitor this forum to lend a helping hand. Good Luck Teams!
  18. I have tried to search for this but have found many broken links. How do you set the svn:needs-lock properties for use in a Lock/Unlock model in TortoiseSVN? Thanks Dan
  19. Personally becoming a CLD was the biggest jump in my programming. After that it has been just attending NI week, reading books, reading forums, taking training, talking with other people. Still learning with MUCH more to learn. I would recommend the LabVIEW style Guide by Peter Blume and a Software Engineer's Approch to LabVIEW Have fun!
  20. I see now why a distributed SCC would be interesting to you.
  21. I am curious how other people handle this. You bring up a good point if you are in a remote location without access to the server how do you handle this? That being said 90% of development time you would have access to the server, so is having this feature worth the management issue? Personally since I am a single developer I just have my repositories on my local hard drive. So I can always commit. I guess it comes down to (like most everything else) is how you and your organization work and want manage the issue of SCC. If you spend a lot of time without access to a server and your development team was very small, maybe this model would be more desirable.
  22. IMHO merging code in LabVIEW is tricky. I also don't really understand the fear of a centralized server to manage a repository. The distributed model in my opinion would be a nightmare to manage. I think it is interesting that the author of this article posted this on Google docs. Which is a centralized server for sharing data. I think in your case having a server to manage would be a pain. I think putting your repository on something like google docs or using a subversion (or GIT) web hosting service would make sense. You don't have to worry about the server going down or losing your data. You just need to have internet access. I also want to point out it is a good idea to use a Revision control system for other files that are not source code files (i.e. drawings, block diagrams, specs, manuals, etc).
  23. Are you saying it takes a whole day to commit . Why couldn't you commit at night? How do you know what the other folks on you team are doing if you aren't connected to the server? If programmer A and programmer B work on the same piece of code how do they get each others changes? Are you using a lock method i.e. nobody can check out your code until you check it back in? From what I briefly read about GIT each person has their own repository. What I don't understand is how that works in a multi-programmer environment. How do you know what version of the software is right one? If you have 5 developers you have 5 valid repositories of the code? Who's is valid? That sounds like a nightmare to manage. Is there something I am missing?
  24. To my knowledge you have to get a 3rd party tool to integrate SVN directly into LabVIEW. The 2 I am aware of are JKI TortiseSVN for LabVIEW PushOK I use Tortoise SVN just in the Windows Explorer environment. A programmer could work on their code not having access to the repository (server) with TortoiseSVN however to commit and update code you would have to be connected. I don't know how you could manage your code if you weren't connected to a repository. You don't have to have your repository on a server. You can have it on your local hard drive or on the web. Branching in my opinion is easy in TortoiseSVN. I have never tried Git so I don't know the merits of it.
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