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  1. Norm, Have you created any commands yet in this new architecture? I would like to transfer the old ones, from the previous LV Speak, that I have to the new architecture. Thanks, Mark
  2. SQLite Error SQLite error check.vi
  3. Sam, Would you be willing to share some vi's or more information about your experience in using the DLL-import feature? I have had a lot of trouble using DLL's with LabView. Mark
  4. Norm, I noticed in the AMC documentation that it is suitable for use in machine to machine communications over TCP/IP networks. Is LVx implementation superior to the AMC implementation? Mark
  5. Norm, I can definitely wait a bit. I have the previous versions on my machine and have been playing with them. In the meantime is there any good documentation on TLB and the AMC class that it uses extensively? Thanks, Mark
  6. Norm, It was mentioned in the NI Week 2010 State Machine vs State Machine powerpoint that the TLB State Machine "Can communicate to anything made in LV anywhere in the world." How do I go about making two TLB state machines communicate with each other? Also this work appears to be a derivative of your previous LVx work. Also previously packaged as RFSE Tools. Do the examples created for LVx apply in the TLB state machine? Thanks, Mark
  7. Norm, Here is an updated class template that includes my suggestions for how to handle the various Gobj clasees. I have also attached an update engine and startup vi's that run hidden and close automatically when "Speak Stop" is given. I have updated the property class and part of the text class plugins as well. They are attached. There are a couple of other updated/new vi's as well attached. Regards, Mark Speak Update.zip
  8. Norm, The Text to Speech vi is off of the NI website at http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-2263 it uses the same Microsoft SDK. Mark
  9. Norm, I really like the second version of LV Speak. Attached is an edited copy of the project. I added several features: 1. The QuickEdit and LVSpeak engine vi's are no longer visible, they are minimized at launch. The functionality of these vi's front panels has been built into the program. a. To list the commands LVSpeak recognizes say "list commands" and a listbox of all available LV Speak commands appears. b. To reload the plugins say "reload" c. To stop say "speak stop" 2. There is also now audible feedback for every command as well as the reload plugins command. Every command is echoed back to the user, the reload plugins command provides audible feedback when it finishes. 3. I also changed the Locate QEC Plugins vi so that it parses the commands in the QuickEdit Command.lvclass 4. I added a new class for property nodes and three new commands: Property Value, Property Read, Property Write. I have several suggestions: 1. Change the format of the QEC class Execute VI such that the FP / BD case structure is inside the command name case structure. This allows for commands that are not specific to the FP or BD to be only coded once. Also it makes it easier to track whether all possible cases for a given command have been coded. 2. Filter the available command grammar such that only the ones valid for the currently selected objects are available. This would reduce the number of errors from the speech engine. 3. Add audible confirmation to the delete command. 4. Provide right click functionality such that the user could either speak the command or click it with the mouse. Thanks again for all of your hard work. I am trully addicted to LVSpeak. Attached is a zip of the .lvproj file. If there is a better way to send you this please let me know. Mark LV Speak.zip
  10. Norm, I have done a considerable amount of editing to your original LVSpeak release that has made it more stable. I have also added a few commands. Attached is a llb that includes the edited engine. Mark LV Speak Edited.llb
  11. QUOTE (gmart @ Oct 16 2008, 05:04 PM) My service request number is 7212358. NI tech support confirmed that this was a know issue. bluesky
  12. QUOTE (Norm Kirchner @ Sep 8 2008, 08:39 AM) Norm, I started a Service Request for the same issue. According to NI this is a known bug with Labview 8.6 Build times have more than doubled between Labview 8.5.1 and Labview 8.6 bluesky
  13. There has been some discussion of how to best prevent reverse engineering of Labview .exe files by obfuscating the vi name etc. What about simply obfuscating the exe by using one of the many available programs. I ran across this one that sounded interesting: Bitsum's PECompact2 bluesky
  14. John, Are you running this as an application or in the development environment? Also has the hardware you are running it on changed? Did you upgrade OS's. Have you tried running a memory check on the machine your are using? Have you tried checking the CPU usage on the machine? ie are you running out of CPU cycles? Also try using Wireshark on the TCP/IP port to check for strange traffic. It just seems strange that Labview throws this error only occasionally. I use a number of queues and parallel processing some of them with high speed data with very few problems especially on Labview 8.5.1 Have you tried mass compiling your entire project. I have found on several occasions that Labview seems to have trouble keeping track of changes to queues. The problems disapear when I mass compile. Mark QUOTE (jlokanis @ Sep 23 2008, 10:57 AM)
  15. I had a major problem upgrading from Labview 8.5.1 to Labview 8.6 My problem was with the DAQmx drivers. I worked at length with NI tech support to fix the problem. Service Request Number 7206333 I learned the following: 1. When upgrading do not download and install just the Labview executable without the supporting drivers. Make sure when you upgrade between versions that you install from the distribution DVD's that include all of the supporting drivers. The problem started when I downloaded just the Labview 8.6 installer. 2. When I installed Labview 8.6 from just the downloaded executable instead of the distribution DVD's it did not license properly. To fix the problems: 1. Uninstall Labview 8.6 2. Install Labview 8.6 from the Distribution DVD's and install the 8.6 compatible drivers needed for the hardware you use. This fixed my problems with DAQmx and the licensing problems were corrected as well. In my opinion NI created this problem by releasing the Labview 8.6 executable for download before they released all of the necessary drivers. bluesky QUOTE (Neville D @ Sep 23 2008, 09:31 AM)
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