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  1. QUOTE(Jim Kring @ Sep 10 2007, 08:42 PM) you can create a product suggestion on ni.com about this
  2. along with checking the VISA example, search ni.com under devzone to see if someone has done something with the meter you are using
  3. once you get your data into an array you can use convert to dynamic data to display it as a graph
  4. Connector pane terminals default to Required = :worship:
  5. So I had the chance to attened NI Week and let me tell you there were some amazing stuff there. I know not everyone had the chance to go but a lot of the keynotes and cool demos are on here VI RoadShow ENJOY!!
  6. welcome, i'm new to the forum also..but I've been using LabVIEW for a long time
  7. LVfan

    HEY there!

    Just taking the time to say hi to everyone....check out cool applications on VI Roadshow :thumbup: http://viroadshow.blogspot.com/
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