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  1. You can fix it in 2 ways.

    1. Force open the VI and change the dll call (LabVIEW.exe) to not run in the user interface thread.
      I've tested this and this will speed it up 1000 times or so but... this could crash LV if this code is running in any of LV's special Application instances like Project Provider App instance (And that is where I need the performance improvements in the OpenGDS UML Modeller).

    2. Yes, use a Map or Variant look up.
    See example VI



  2. I've not dared to outsource the building to a build server yet, mostly because we get these strange build errors from time to time, like "This VI broke during the build".

    Also since my team does quite many builds and we would need multiple build servers since a build could take an hour, and sometime I need to build 6 version right away and that could lock up the build server for 6 hours.
    But if you get it working close to 100% let me know, then we might switch over.

  3. Hi,

    I do like the new “Retain All Errors” in the Merge Errors, it coverts the Error source to an JOSN array of errors.
    With that change NI added some extra JSON Error VIs like the Write attribute. But I can’t get those VIs working?

    I couldn’t find anyone else complaining about this, sure I can just fix the issue myself since the VIs aren’t locked.

    Are anyone using these VIs?

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