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  1. Hi
    Yes start with the Projected Provider documentation and the look through examples (e.g. the OpenGDS).

    I started in LV8.2, and lots of the issues I had, have probably been fixed since then.

    But one thing to remember is that it doesn’t (or at least didn’t) like to do things in parallel.

    E.g. if you add an item to the project tree (e.g. a new class), then that could trigger some other project provider calls (e.g. a new item added to the project window), so I had to add a small wait after those functions.

    If I didn’t do that LV could crash from time to time, that’s why you can find a lot to 150ms wait in the Open GDS code.

    Debugging the project provider code is a bit tricky.

    You can save a Break point on the BD of the provider VI, and then restart LV.

    The first time the code hits that break point the You can debug the code, but after that you Can debug the VI anymore, you have to restart LV again.


    Make sure you open VIs in the correct application instance if you want to modify them, and always remember to close all the referees opened in the provider VIs.

  2. FYI, version 1.2.38 has an issues when creating Override methods.
    Please use the latest one 1.2.39

    You won't believe what I had to do to get it working ;-), coding VIs that runs in the project provider application instance is not always easy.
    A VI that works fine when you run it normally, could still crash/freeze LV when it's running under the project provider application.
    I hope it will be easier in NXG.

  3. I would love to get more time to show everyone all the nice and fun feature that exists in the GDS tool.
    If anyone like to help please feel free :-). I'm aiming to document the "Convert Text based code to LabVIEW" next.
    You can always test it and see if you understand how to use it...
    You can google come Java or c# Design pattern examples (e.g. Observer pattern), and convert those classes straight into LabVIEW.
    I also want to document the API VIs, if you haven't tested them you can find them + examples here:
    LabVIEW 20XX\resource\Framework\Providers\Open_GDS\API



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  4. 12 hours ago, StefanLemmens said:

    One disadvantage of that design pattern however is that the GDS can't create property methods for the referenced variables.

    I don’t agree ?, you just need to know where to look ?

    Every design pattern that is added to a class, have the ability to add new Method templates and you’ll find them here.



    This is the same if you add the Active Object Design pattern there is a method templates that helps you send and receive a message form the active process.

    BTW, I've created the new version with new templates, I just need to upload them, I let you know when it's done.

  5. 43 minutes ago, Michael Aivaliotis said:

    Yes, but ignoring the IPE error out on read as well? I would think that you would want to know if the IPE structure fails completely. This would be a sign of a bad DVR ref.

    The GetAttributes checks the DVR ref and generates a 1556 error if the DVR is invalid, but of course the DVR Ref could be killed externally between the Get Attribute and when the IPE node is executed...there is always a chance.


  6. I've done lots of small mass compiling to see if that solves the issue.
    But no luck yet, but I'm getting closer it looks like it freezes when it load projects using the Vision module.
    We need to use 64 bit on quite a few test system when we use lots of vision stuff and/or testing multiple units at the same time (capturing heaps of data, maybe more than we need)
    And some larger project can't even build an exe, LV runs out of memory during the build process.



  7. 15 hours ago, 0_o said:

    Another thought: LV doesn't allow you to compile code from program files.

    I've now done a source distribution of all the code and the code open in LV2016, but not LV2018.
    I'll zip this up and send it to NI for investigations.
    (I'll just remove all sensitive IP stuff, even with missing VIs LV2018 should freeze but it does)
    I'll keep you posted about the progress.

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