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  1. I've had these issues.

    This is not a License Issue, it's a windows permission problem.
    LV was installed by user X (so the LV files is owned by that use).

    Now when user Y logs in he/she won't be able to open any files belonging to user X.
    I've had this issue on some PCs, you can try right clicking on the e.g. LV20XX folders and re-set the user permissions on it and all it's sub folders.
    Properties->Security->>Add Everyone Full Control.

    When I get issues like this I normally asks IT to fix it.




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  2. 7 hours ago, szalusky said:

    Unfortunately 64-bit LabVIEW isn't an option in the near term (we have some NI motion dependencies which are not 64-bit compatible).

    You are right the NI-motion driver is not working in 64 bit, which is a really bad thing.
    But we use the NI motion drivers very successfully on from LV 64 bit....so how do we do that?

    We create a LV32 bit server application, that our LC64 bit application starts (if it's not already running).
    We then connect and send instructions over localhost-TCIP/IP, to the 32 bit written LV server application.
    We use this architecture for several driver components where e.g. the vendor only supplies a 32 bit dll version.

    Since we're using a GOOP based HAL inheritance structure the driver layer solves all our problems.

    I hope you don't give up yet on the 64 bit solution, since it will solve a lot of your problems.





  3. I hope you are running LV 64bit to start with, we only run 64 bit here, so we hardly get any out of memory issues.

    The easiest way it to stop disposing/destroying the image and see if that helps.
    If you create a "new" image with the same name, you'll just get the same reference.

    A pool is one way to go as well, but you need a acquire and release images out and into the pool, so if the pool is empty the next user have to wait for his turn.

  4. The only time I inherit a concrete class, is when I have a Class Called e.g. Instrument123, that has many methods and been verified and work perfectly.
    Then a new model comes out "Instrument123+", that just needs tweaking in one method or so, to get the same behavior as the old instrument.
    I guess I do this because I'm lazy, but that's when I do it.


  5. I've just started to use LV2016, and one thing I noticed is that the built-in function Icon's inner color isn't black any more when placed on the BD.
    It's black in the palette, but when placed it becomes gray.

    Some functions is still black, is this a new feature?




  6. 21 minutes ago, infinitenothing said:

    1,3,6, and 7 would not be very important to me. They seem very easy to teach. I guess I don't care so much about what you know as much as how you think.

    I Agree that all those things are very easy to learn, but if the person knows about them, it tells me that they are curious enough to looks at our peoples solutions.
    So even if you have >10 years LV experiences but never heard about OpenG VIs, Custom Probes, VIPM or QD, that tells me that the person have probable not worked in a team, and been doing the same style of coding since the they started.

    They probably still thinks global variables are the best way of sending data between processes.

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  7. 20 hours ago, rakuz said:

    I will be interviewing at a startup for a position requiring mostly LabVIEW and would like to have some advice on how to prepare.

    When I interview someone I check:

    1. If they are familiar with the OpenG libraries.
    2. How much they know about version control
    3. If they know what VIPM is
    4. If they know and have used: Queues, Dynamic Events, DVRs, libraries(*.lvlib) and classes (*.lvclass) types.
    5. Which (if any) LV-forums they visit regularly (it's important that the person is looking around to see how other people solves problems)
    6. Then of course I ask them about Quick Drop and QD Short Cuts
    7. I ask them about: Custom probes.

    If you know all these things I would hire you :-)

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