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    I wonder how bad the drag coefficient is. It must be horrible.
  2. Amazing. I swear for a few seconds there I felt like a 13 Y.O. again! Thanks Ton.
  3. AQ, Thanks for the great idea. I didn't know you could drag them into the toolbar. Mine didn't have the icon either until I used the link. When the page re-loaded I got the icon.
  4. And since it's Friday: "All right, brain. You don't like me and I don't like you, but let's just do this and I can get back to killing you with beer." :beer: :beer: :beer:
  5. Glad you got the information you needed. If you need to find out why the VI you were left does not do what you need feel free to post it here for help.
  6. Hi ednos, That question would be easier to answer if you post the VI you are using to collect the data.
  7. Another thing that would be usefull is either the data collected or a picture of the ACTUAL data, not a crayon depiction. What is the amplitude and time scale of the data for all three graphs? We cannot guess why it is not working if we also have to guess what it actually is doing. :beer:
  8. QUOTE (TobyD @ Jun 9 2008, 04:59 PM) That's exactly where I am! QUOTE I requested that it be added when I signed up and right away the admin replied that he had added it. He said something about me getting my friends to request it as well so he must have received more than one email I sent an email the first time I went to the web site :thumbup:
  9. QUOTE (Phillip Brooks @ Jun 10 2008, 11:47 AM) Thanks, Phillip, I just checked mine and all were set to "YES". I know that I had set Phone to NO. GRRRRR!
  10. JiMM

    Need Help

    Yes, your 2.25MB BMP file is 68KB when saved as a PNG!
  11. Holy Mackerel! I am stunned by how fast the Coding Chalenge winner did this. Of course it was obvious that clever math tactics would be necessary to minimize time, but .... just WOW. I got less than 1ms with that VI on my PC. AMAZING! :worship: I am not worthy!!!!!!
  12. QUOTE (JDave @ Jun 4 2008, 06:32 PM) It is interesting to both solve the problem, and then say "how can I do this better?" At work I to often get in the mode of solve the problem and move on. If it works, the boss doesn't care (or notice) if it's elegant, or efficient.
  13. Amazing. I wonder how the bio-interface works. Fantastic things coming! :thumbup:
  14. The first posted version was in LV8. I now have two revised versions. The first (Euler3_Take2.vi) fixes blatent errors in my first attempt - like I eliminated testing of even numbers (DUH!). That dropped execution to ~2.3 minutes. The third version (Euler3_VJT.vi) uses a theory that to test N for primality you only need to check for divisibility by all of the primes up to N/2. Not the route I was really looking for because it relies on number theory rather than programming efficiency, but interesting to try. That one dropped execution time to 1.2 minutes. And used up my lunch hour rather than a night The attached VIs are in LV7.1.
  15. Antoine, Thank you for introducing me to this fascinating challenge. My wife would not thank you I would be interested in any suggestions to improve my code. I can get the job done, but I am sure that my LV coding skills can only go up. Attached is my solution to the Euler project chalenge #3. I would love to hear any suggestions as to how to improve it's efficiency. I am not looking for fancy mathematical insights (won't help future projects). I have a solution, it's just slow (~4.5 minutes). What I am interested to learn is how to improve the code using more efficient LabVIEW practices. Thanks for any insights!
  16. Wow, that's some beautiful code!
  17. Greetings fellow wire-mongers. Jim from Atlanta, GA here. I've been a LAVA Lurker for a while, but a regular on NI forums. Both have been great places for an education. :thumbup:
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