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[Discuss] Web Chat

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Name: Web Chat

Submitter: Eugen Graf

Submitted: 24 Jul 2009

File Updated: 08 Jan 2010

Category: *Uncertified*

Version: 1.1.00

LabVIEW Version: 8.2

License Type: BSD (Most common)

Here is my Web-Chat project. First start the Server.vi and than the Client.vi and it should work

Furthermore we set up a web server for this chat. So you can use the default login for login into the web chat.

The aim of this project is to show what Publish/Subscribe Design Pattern can do. You can use this pattern in your projects to communicate between undependent and dynamicaly started programms (or VIs) on different computers.

Of course you can change and redesign your client as you want I uploaded only the base version of them.

So enjoy the chat :D

Click here to download this file

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Hi Antoine! Thank you for interest.

I don't know for now if the whole project will be open source. I think the client side will be open source and the server side will be licensed for use. But I want first add some nice features into this project like:

- smilies

- users status (in the left listbox)

- binding users login onto my forums database (SQL)

- chat rooms (channels)

- file sharing function

- and may be video-chat in the future

For now it's a easy text chat lika all others, but it works fine. I'll inform you if server will be installed for online use (it works on my local PC). But I have an other chat-server already online. Everybody can test this older chat version live and online.

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Link? Software?

Hi Michael! Sorry, it was online. I asked my provider, he said me the server is down. The old chat was based on the Publish/Subscribe Software Modell. I can give you the whole old project (Server and Client).

One possible solution is rtf text. See attachment.


Thank you Andrey, it's exactly what I need. I'll try to implement it into the chat.

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Hello LAVAs!

If anybody can test the Chat, would you please download the Client-Project and connect to my local IP-Adress:

I started the Chat-Server for this weekend. If you can and want to give some feedback, you can post here or discuss it here (no password required).

Thank you, eg

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Ok, I found a problem. Server works fine on localhost, but don't work (very slow or not working) in global www under Vista. I tryed them on Linux, no problems for now.

I don't really know where the problem on Vista is. Anybody can help?

Now the server is started under Linux and should work.

Thanks to TobyD for testing :D

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