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  1. I agree to you. A little issue I found. If I let the IP-Adress blank, I get errors on openning connections. So I have to write "localhost" to be connected. May be it would be better for the example application to set "localhost" as default value?
  2. Ok, now I understand it. So you have a sender task for each publisher (service) on the dispatcher side. Why not one for all? My dispatcher does all, registration, unregistration an sending in one loop, but each service has own receiver loop. I think this is the biggest difference between our realisations of this pattern. The second less difference is you use functional global variable for the client list, but I don't. For all, I think it's very interesting pattern, which can be used for dynamic applications, where many publishers and subscribers can communicate to each other. Thank you
  3. The download link above don't work. You can download this project from this link: http://labviewportal.eu/en/downloads/62-web-and-internet/84-web-chat
  4. Yes, it was lost after updating LAVAs software (I think). Here you can download my version: http://labviewportal...hp?f=19&t=9#p19 I think it's the difference to your dispatcher. I send all the data to the server(dispatcher) and the dispatcher sends them to subscribers. It makes some advantages like debugging on one place, but disadvantages like more traffic on the server side. But, sorry, I don't see where you send your data from one publisher to many subscribers. TCP/IP is one to one connection, so you have to send your data twice if you have two subscribers. I can't see any for-loop in TCIP Write.vi. EDIT: my the web chat project (based on Pub/Sub Pattern) may be interesting to you http://lavag.org/top...uss-eugen-graf/
  5. Hi! Nice made, did you just seen this one ? Seems to be almost the same thing Regards, Eugen
  6. May be my web chat is interesting for you. You will find there the server and a client. Server supports an unlimited count of clients. For each client a dynamic VI will be started on the server side. http://lavag.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=86
  7. Sorry if anybody didn't understand my last message. I mean LabVIEW isn't compatible with poor display resolutions, which netbooks have. As you can see on my screenshot the three buttons are not visible on the screen. I have DELL Mini 10 with Ubuntu installed. I'm very happy with this netbook
  8. A little addition - LabVIEW and Netbook
  9. It's Reach Text Box, but it's buggy for me
  10. Hello, I want to programm a chat-client like ICQ or Skype. Is it possible to show both Text and Graphic (Smilye) in one control? Please don't suggest RTB, is there anything else? Thank you, Eugen
  11. I have used Firefox (last version). As I just said, try Joomla, it's simple, very flexible and for free Examples: http://www.labviewportal.eu/ru/ http://www.labviewportal.eu/de/ http://www.labviewportal.eu/en/
  12. Irene, sorry, I don't know if I should say that, but: the design of both .com and .cn sites is "not the best" on the .cn site I see only a (left)half of them on my screen with a big resolution you may think on the redesign of your logo Of course it's only your thing...
  13. Try Joomla, it's a nice CMS
  14. Hi LAVAs! Is it possible to customize a button (add a pictogramm) for a 6-state (system) button using scripting? I want to write a VI, where I can select a 16x16 px. PNG picture and the VI will create me a customized control, which I can use in my project. Thank you, Eugen Graf
  15. Hello! Thank you for doing this Project. I don't know if it was just discussed here, but why the IE opens on the second monitor? Is that due to the FP.Center Method? If I remove this or replace them with FP.Open, than LV hangs on calling IE.
  16. We got 17 candidates for now, so don't shame to join this challenge!
  17. Or use a own queue for each loop. Than you can send data to all in a for loop.
  18. OFFTOP There is no much LVOOP, only a clever cluster, no more. So it's understandable by any. TOTOP: So you may try to collect all connections into an array and send to all in a for-loop (if you use TCP) and send a broadcast to all if you use UDP (but without ack).
  19. What is the problem? Use the common IP VIs, depending on your communication protocoll.
  20. Hey, super. If it's, I will check it as soon as I can. Thank you for answer and of course AQ for keeping his promise (if it's).
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