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Intern Abuse!

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Hello hello,

My name is Veronica and I'm new to LAVA, so I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself!

I'm currently about to start my last semester of software engineering at McGill university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (please see informative video at end of post). I've been an intern at National Instruments for the past two summers, and although it's taken a little while for me to tear myself away from the land of text based coding, I must say I've become quite fond of LabVIEW! Last summer I worked for the RF Product Marketing group, and got to build a signal jamming demo using high speed digitizers for wideband spectrum analysis, and signal generators for jamming. This year I'm building a demo for a FlexRIO adapter module, and I also worked on some top secret slides for the day 2 NIWeek keynote.

All in LabVIEW (/LabVIEW FPGA)! Exciting stuff.

I'm actually here in the LAVA lounge at the moment thanks to some ongoing harassment from Norm, el capitan or whatnot... he sits two cubes behind me here at NIC, and since I'm going to the BBQ at Stubb's, he insisted I come say hi first. Such treatment we interns must suffer on a daily basis here at NI ;) .

So it's nice to meet you all! And for anyone attending NIWeek or going to the BBQ, I look forward to seeing you in person and discussing the power and awesomeness of LabVIEW.




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Hi Veronica,

LAVA is perhaps female friendly and Canadian tolerant, but I'm not sure if we should tolerate someone from McGill! :)

(I'm from Queen's and could resist the chance to bring our friendly inter school rivalry onto LAVA! ) :D

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