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Type parameters

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39 minutes ago, ned said:

For example, generics allow you to write a sorting algorithm that takes a list, and a comparison function that operates on elements of that list. The compiler verifies that the comparison function matches the list element type, so you can't have a run-time type mismatch.

This can be done in a VIM because the comparison primitives' adapt to type so all that is needed is for the controls and indicators on the VI to do the same. Do you have another example?


2 hours ago, Tomi Maila said:

ShaunR, the List type in your example is not strongly typed but generic. That means the type of the list wire for a list of Strings is not different from the type of the list wire for the list of DBLs. That's the exact problem type parameters would solve. 

That's because variants are run-time evaluated even though we have to stipulate how to deference them with the Variant To Data primitive.

Wouldn't a "To Variant" that could be configured much the same way control refs have the option to "Include Data" to make them "Strict" be more intuitive and easier? After all. Variants do contain the type already, it just doesn't get propagated at design time. The bonus would be we wouldn't need the "Variant To Data" 99% of the time at all.

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