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It's been a good week


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I just got my CLA results...I PASSED!!! Life is good!


I might have to pick your brain a bit... worshippy.gif

I started a new job yesterday that I think is going to be great

He has to say that... people at work read the forums... laugh.gif

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Do you have any notes you would like to share to help those of use who have to re-certify (next week) ?


You know I can't say much Ben, but here's what I will say...

I was actually surprised. I thought this exam was much easier than the CLD. Perhaps it was just the extra 2 years of experience (and quick drop certainly helped as well). I actually finished everything to my satisfaction with about 5 minutes to spare.

Since I didn't really know what to expect I went back and reviewed the 3 CLD sample exams again. That turned out to be a really good idea. Remember that you are allowed to use the built in LabVIEW Templates. I spent some time practicing building various architectures starting from the templates and adding in things like error handling so that I was able to very quickly generate a framework during the test.

The other thing that I had to keep reminding myself is that I didn't have to actually write the code, just define the inputs and outputs to each subVI and wire them up and then add a brief comment as to what the subVI should do. I ended up actually coding up one of my subVIs as a sanity check to make sure that what I wanted it to do would actually work...it did. :)

And most of all...Good Luck!

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Remember that you are allowed to use the built in LabVIEW Templates.

Not only are you allowed to, I'd encourage it - the exam graders are probably more familiar with the templates than anything custom you come up with, so using the built-in templates is in the interest of helping them grade your work.

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The bump of this thread has me thinking...

Yes a good week and today I complete my first year as a Granfather, the Steeler won the 6th Super Bowl, the Penguins won the Stanley Cup, I got promoted to Senior Architect, and I sat for the CLA-recert and submitted a LVOOP design. I was nervous about it at the time but quoting someone wise;

It is better to have tried and failed than to have never have tried at all.

So it has been a GREAT year for me.


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The bump of this thread has me thinking...

...the Penguins won the Stanley Cup...


Boo, I say to that! throwpc.gif

Here I thought you were a thoughful intelligent human being and then you had to spoil it. shifty.gif

j/k... Seriously, great series for the Pens. I liked them a lot better after they got rid of that doofus of a coach Michel Therrien. Look forward to three in a row!


Oh, yes... Kudos to you, Toby, for your accomplishment.thumbup1.gif

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