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[CR] UI Tools addon: Control class

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hmm. Looks like it was meant to remove previous releases of Control addon class but I might have forgotten to change the namespacing. This looks like a self-conflict.

Can you let me know which version you are using? I don't have 2011 installed as your profile suggests, but I'll try to reproduce the issue on a newer version and come up with a new package or a solution.

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Hi Francois,


When I installed the four expansion packs the Glassweb and System Styles had all buttons present, but there were a number missing in each of the sub-palettes for the Outlook and Vista Styles - for example....





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Ha, I think I found the issue, I should have let VIPM mass compile the package after installing it.

I had to move "Create control.vi" out of the C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2018\project\UI Tools\Control Generator, open it, mass compile it place it back and now it all works fine.

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Thanks Antoine for your workaround to fix the Labview crash after installation of the version on also LV2018 SP1. Your tip just helped me, too.

I had Labview crashing also with the previous version installation on LV2015 SP1, there for some reasons it helped to install all required packages package by package with the JKI VIPM.

Apart from that recent installation issue the Control class UI Tools addon is a fantastic tool, and we use it frequently. Thanks François!

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