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Anyone using Mercurial for source code control in LabVIEW?

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Changing one massive SVN repo into several Mercurial repositories wasn't an issue. Loading them into Mercurial HGWeb or Rhodecode (my preferred private HG server) was easy as well.

If you setup your configuration of TortoiseHG right then HG is as good as SVN.


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I would suggest that anyone currently working with SVN install TortoiseHg and use it as a client to Subversion. You don't have to convert your existing SVN repositories. TortoiseHg can be used with your SVN repo instead of TortoiseSVN. This also allows "offline commits" with your SVN repo.



Just hg clone with the "svn+" prefix. For example:

hg clone svn+http://svn.python.org/projects/python python-hg

After you get acquainted to Hg, make the jump to Hg repos...

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