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sending packets continously


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i am using serial program to make a GUI in labview. in that, I want make some 5 packets to get the data from slave side. all the packets are transimitted from labview (WRITE vi) continuous one by one and data shoud read by READ VI and the read data should tap to five numeric textboxes everytime.

I Have two doubts to do that, one that attached file contains packet model and related parameters. So, can any help me to design some example 5 packets and do the required thing. each packet should always transmit sequencially or at a time but the response should tap to five numeric text indicators.

Please help me out.

Related data.doc

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No, what you said is not correct, because i have tried with sequence structure to send multiple commands but its not working fine. In my case i want to send one packet then it will reply back with answer then i need to display that in numeric boxes. But i was strucked with doing this. In squence structure, it sending all the command at a time and replying answers all but its wrong way for me. can any one help me to send sequencially one command and getting back answer and again sending second command etc like that. Please help me any one.

Today i figure out one more problem that i need to use only hex coomunication with the device. As i notice that, i changed setting in write visa to hex, eventhough i thaought it was string communication. can any one help me in that i want send only hex and receive hex no more strings. Please help me. Basically i confused between these string and hex communication, can any teach me...???

Thank you,

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