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Put your LabVIEW in the Tray -- Once and for all

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First of all, thank you for posting this :thumbup1:


I've used this in a couple of internal projects, and doing so I've seen and fixed a few issues.

The changes are:

* Fixed Dispose Notification Icon.vi so that it correctly removes the tray icon even if error

* Updated Set Tray Icon (string).vi so that you can have any image type stored as string on your block diagram

* Updated Set Tray Icon (string).vi VI description to reflect this change

* Added basic error handling to the example (dialog and clear)


The changes were made in a later LabVIEW version and backsaved to 8.6.




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Thanks for sharing the code. I am using it right now in one of my projects and it seems to work great.

I am trying to make one additional step and remove the application icon from the Windows taskbar (Windows 7) when the application window is minimized. I was basically trying to hide the icon in the taskbar, but no luck so far. I was searching also a lot online, but most of the postings suggest some 3-rd party tools.

Does someone know how it can be done programmatically in LabVIEW: hide (remove) the application icon from the task bar when the window is minimized?


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Set the front panel window to the window to hidden using the Invoke Node on the VI class (Front Panel >> Open - State).  And in your built EXE you may need the HideRootWindow = TRUE in the INI of the application.

My LabVIEW Tray Launcher uses this code to be minimized to the system tray, you can checkout the source here.

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First of all, amazing toolset - very easy to get into and very functional.

I am, however, trying to use it in an executable. Maybe I just can't understand something fundamental but I can't get it to work. When I run the VI from Labview it works really well. When, however, I build the VI as an executable no notification icon appears. What is going wrong? 

Note_01: the first thing I tried was to include the toolkit in the project (the NotifyIcon.lvclass, that is), removing it from the user.lib. Nothing changed, though. 

Note_02: I've also added the NotifyIcon.lvclass in the "Always include" section. No difference.

Thanks in advance!

Goddammit, nevermind. I was just not pointing to the icon correctly. Damn noobs!

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I tinkered around with this toolkit/set a while ago but recently set up my PC completely Fresh. So i decided to go with a 64bit Version of LabVIEW.

Unfortunately the Toolkits/sets VIs do not work probably with the 64Bit Version of my application. As I investigated, the first 64 bit Version of LabVIEW was 2009.

I like to look for a solution by myself, but without any starting point it is hard.


Has anyone a clue what parts of the Toolkit/set are maybe influenced depending on whether you use the 32 bit version or 64 bit Version.

I think it is unlikely that the Problem her is NET because I have several Toolkits hat simply work with newer/other versions of NET and LabVIEW.


Thank you


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