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Ugly Windows 7 System Controls


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Recently upgraded a number of XP machines to Windows 7 and was dissapointed to see the elegant looking system controls in XP replaced by rather clunky Windows 7 system controls.

Is there anyway to get back to the XP style within Windows 7?

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You can get the classic windows theme, which is settable globally for your whole system. It is included with Windows 7. Several WinXP themes are also available, again settable globally. It is also possible to "disable visual themes" for LV. (or any application) This is accessible via the application properties pop-up from the context right click. As for LabVIEW only, WinXP theme, you would have to make customized buttons.

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Wait, which controls are you talking about?

I'm also wondering what controls you're talking about. There are a bunch of things I don't like about Windows 7 (removal of up button, highlight whole row in explorer, unintuitive search, sorting windows constantly) but I didn't find anything wrong with the new controls.

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People - I am talking about LV System Controls. For example take a look in XP at the System Spin Control and compare to what

you will get in Windows 7. The XP control with its light blue color and subtle shading is a statement in elegant simplicity. On my

Windows 7 machines, this control is very different and not at all attractive to my eye. Of course, I am known to be obsessive about

GUI minutiae :)

I always thought it would be nice to create a library of custom controls that looked just like the windows XP system controls. I guess now I have

my motivation...

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