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CLA.. Exam was tough, so was waiting 3 weeks...

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I don't post on here as much as I should. BUT my CLD was expiring on Oct 26th so I scheduled to take the CLA on the 24th (talk about cutting it close)

Anyway, I took the exam, proctored by my NI rep. After the Exam he asked what I thought about it. I said I am pretty sure I did not pass, but I wanted to find out where I bombed. I thought an extra 30-45 minutes would help to get everything done.

So I kept checking my Mail stop at work looking for that letter stating I did not pass and where I made mistakes

Fast forward to tonight, I am relaxing checking my emails at home and see an email from certification@ni.com, I thought oh great there is my failure letter

but to my surprise.. I PASSED!!!!! Wahooooo!!!

I received the same review one of the other members here got:

Style: 10/10

Documentation: 15/20 (Architecture/modules not documented adequately for developer to implement/complete functionality.)

Req Coverage: 26/30 (Percentage of requirements covered = 85%.)

Arch Development: 30/40 (Comments had 4 different "xxx module not designed.")

I am Officially a CLA

Now to convince work to send me to the Summit

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I am Officially a CLA

I've just become an official CLA..........


I wasn't that worried about failing. :)

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Congratulations! :thumbup1:

I agree more time would be really nice to have with that exam. And I too am trying to convince my work to let me attend the summit (easier said than done).

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Let me add my 0,05 Euro

As a non-native speaker (German) it certainly is a bit more challenging, but (with a tight margin) I did it.

I am an official Certified Labview Architect.

For all others benefit let me give you a few comments.

If you come from CLD (well, we all do) where style is a major issue, look at the requirements as posted before.

The time is definitly too short to present a sound design. But I guess thats meant to be.

You'll surely end up with white spots in your design. Be wise were to leave these.

Write a lot. Explain, what you want to do.

Build a top level VI with startup and shut down, even with, maybe, blank frames.

Write for each of the modules a VI with all connections and put your [Covers: xxx] at least there. Define typedefs there, they'll be needed otherwhere.

For all state machines make frames as required and again place your "Covers" there.

Then again check your comments.

Then start with a simple object and complete it as much as possible.

No need to go to "advanced stuff" like classes or Xctrl. I did, a colleague of mine did not. We both passed.

So again, architecture is at the top. Start from the top!

Good luck


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