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While Waiting on an LabVIEW FPGA To Compile.....

Wire Warrior

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Have you ever noticed that you come up with the strangest poetry AKA limericks? You know that point where you're at the end of a big push right before the holidays on that R&D item that was low priority the rest of the year....you and the team have put in lots of extra hours and at last you're waiting on that last or near to last FPGA compile that takes a while and you begin making up limericks......

Things like:

The LEDs blink and flash,

Around the wires the datum dash

My sbRIO has the datum lost

The custom board has circuits crossed

&@#$% watch my RT program crash


There once was a CLD,

Who went one day on a LabVIEW spree,

He wired, dropped, and right clicked with cheer

While keeping at hand an ice cold beer

Now his code looks like spaghetti


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There once was a program, LabVIEW.

Out of which fast programs did spew.

Then along came objects,

to confuse and perplex.

Now compiles take a week or two.

There once was a LabVIEW coder.

Who could debug programs by their odor.

One particular smell,

he thought was nouvelle.

But was reported in 8 and older.


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