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Array of VData to VCluster with XControl Refs Issue

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I ran into an interesting issue with the Array of VData to VCluster when using XControl references as part of the VData. It looks like it puts it together correctly into a cluster, but when trying to type back to the XControl reference type it throws an error. You can convert it back to a normal control type, but when doing generic sets on controls in a cluster that method doesn't work very well. LV2011, Latest verison of the library.

Screen shots here and code attached. I actually tried it with a couple different XControls and it didn't work.



I wouldn't think that this behaviour is normal, but maybe there are some known restrictions when using XControl references? The references themselves seem a little weird because I did a source build on the project and it changed the type of controls in the "new" cluster constant when LabVIEW compiled it. They were just normal control references made from scratch in the source code and then in the build it changed them. They still said "Control" but when you clicked on them to view the ActiveX class they had Control and MRUFilePath selected. Weird.

Anyway, I can probably manually cast these values, but the whole reason behind my method was I just had to add the control ref to a cluster in a class and input the refereces as a variant array and It would load them...no custom loading of the clusters.


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Did you notice that both your refs are now the same - i.e. pointing to the first XControl?

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