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'ni_allbase.lvlib errors for executable applications'

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Hello there,

I am developing an application in which functions from advanced signal processing toolkits are used.

If I run the application on development computer. It works fine.

When I create build and deploy the executable on deployment computer with no labview development suite, I get the following error

LabVIEW resource not found.

An error occurred loading VI "NI_AALBase.lvlib:Median.vi".

LabVIEW load error code 3: Could not load front panel

I included the above .lvlib as a support file by including it in always included box but I still get the same error. Is it possible to fix this problem?



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VIs that are built into an executable have their front panels deleted by default unless they are the top level VI, a dialog VI, or have a linked control reference on the block diagram. The Median.vi does not meet those requirements, so its block diagram is stripped out of the EXE to make a smaller EXE. You're doing something in your application to try to open the front panel of this VI -- perhaps getting a control reference or using the Set Control Value method? Whatever it is, you need to modify your AppBuilder spec to tell that VI to keep its front panel.

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You're doing something in your application to try to open the front panel of this VI

I have seen something like this in VIs where I call a C++ DLL even if I don't do anything at all with the front panel (these were VIs which were generated by the automatic DLL wrapper VIs tool which ships with LV). Forcing the VIs to include the FP in the build did stop this from happening and I never investigated further. I saw it in LV 8.6.

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This issue for me is still outstanding. I have both 2010 and 2011 versions of labview. Building executable in labview 2010 and running on a pc with no labview development suite works.

Doing the same but with application built in Labview 2011 doesn't help. I forced the front panels and tried all sorts e.g including the libraries in source files. I even copied all the dll files in system 32 to the pc and it still didn't work.

Following some thread on NI, I found somebody had the similar problem but they fixed it by repairing Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit and installing Advanced Signal Processing Run Time Engine In Deployment (without Labview suite) PC and it worked.

But that even didn't work. I ended up installing whole Labview 2011 development suite and that is working. Unfortunately, I cant deliver the pc with full development suite and I have no idea what I could do to fix it.

Perhaps reinstalling 2011 from scratch in the development computer?


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Sometimes I've had success with the following on broken builds:

In the advanced tab, enable debugging.

In additional exclusions, uncheck removed polymorphic VI instances, uncheck remove unused members of project libraries.

as already mentioned, include front panel/block diagram for suspect VIs.

Also, if you launch any daemons, try including block diagrams/front panels for all of them. Sometimes the error for that problem doesn't show up quite right.

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Reinstallation isn't going to help unless you've been modifying the VIs that are part of your installation. No, this is far more likely to be something you need to deal with in your code and/or app build setup.

Try adding instructions to always include the panel. If that works, you can either keep that solution or look at your VI and figure out why the panel is required. You might post the block diagram here... someone here might spot the key node.

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