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How should I set up Git for LabVIEW?

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You can try looking at the following for a list of online hosting facilities:


Bitbucket offers a free service:


From reading the forums, SVN is popular. Assembla is a free limited (1Gb) hosting service:


I found Assembla quite good, and offers a few guides to get you started.

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Hi Crockett,

I tried this lately with some success. I would recommend a couple of tools potentially.

Using tortoiseGit then allows you to use similar settings to tortoiseSVN for diff and merge. I personally didn't like tortoiseGit very much for the workflow, I felt like it hid a lot of the functionality I was seeing on the web so I installed git extensions for windows for the day to day workings but tortoiseGit for merge and compare because git extensions runs in Cygwin so it wasn't very easy/impossible to point this directly to lvcompare.

I have only got as far as experimentation though so someone may have a more complete opinion after using it for a while.

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It turned out that tortoiseGit's diff and merge tools were separate from git.

I succeeded in configuring tortoiseGit with LVMerge and LVDiff.

Although I haven't really succeeded in configuring git with LVMerge and LVDiff, I think it would be better to configure difftool and mergetool than low level diff and merge drivers for LabVIEW.

There are two reasons.

1) If I set up a low level diff driver for LVDiff, git extensions would launch LVDiff whenever I select a file in git extension's commit window, which is very annoying.

2) If I set up a low level merge driver for LVDiff, every "git merge" operation might launch LVMerge for every file that needs merging, which again can be annoying.

Since neither tortoiseGit nor git extensions doesn't use "git difftool" or "git mergetool", setting difftool and mergetool along with tortoiseGit for LabVIEW would make it easier to use both tortoiseGit and git extensions.

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The amount of information out there can sometimes be overwhelming. I did not do an in depth study since my team had made the decision to use TortoiseGit & LabVIEW.

A good tutorial for TortoiseGit (I do not make a buck if you click on any of the links :)) at

Git Bash is commmand line version of Git Version Control System, TortoiseGit is Windows interface.


I have been able to configure TortoiseGit with LVCompare. Instructions are at https://www.labviewhacker.com/doku.php?id=learn:software:github:getting_started


I can connect you with more references, let me know.

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I personally have been using BitBucket as my hosting site, since unlike GIThub they allow you to have private repos for free.  I found this link to be really helpful for getting SSH keys setup for Bitbucket.  I didn't have a lot of experience generating and using keys before so hopefully it helps.



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