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Change the Background (Rotate Func.)

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Hi Communtiy,

I have a problem,

I will turn a Picture. The Background is always black. Now, i will change this black to an other color, which i read out from a picture.

The problem is,that the function "getcolorpixel value" don't give me any value on the output "pixel value (U64)"....I get only a value on the output pixel value (U32)........but this output I can't handle with the rotate function

please help me


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is there a way to let the background transparent in the rotate function?

Not that I know of - the color doesn't use the alpha bytes, so I think you're out of luck. That said, I can't imagine when I would do that in a machine vision context - what are you trying to do?

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Hi Guys,

almost 2 years ago I have build a rotate which included the rotation of transparant images.

After reading the 'image data' from a (png-)file you get a 24-bit image together with the mask containing the transparency information :lightbulb:.

See the attached vi (LV 8.5.1)

Rotate Transparent Image (24bit).vi

I think this contains everything you (and hopefully also others) need to do get this done in pure G.

Good luck...

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