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GOOP licence

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I just had the following pop up when I started my LabVIEW today.


The license for Symbios GDS toolkit is about to expire.

It expires in 14 days, please uninstall the application by then or reactivate it with a new activation code.


We have GOOP Development Suite Professional Edition and I am under the impression that we bought the software not rented it. what am I missing.

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Yes emailing Symbio/Endevo next will be my next step, I tried here first because I found them rather slow to react to email when I was trying to buy the software to the point where I had to phone Sweden after no response to my email after a week to talk to one of their sales team to buy the software.


I am surprised when you say that they work on a yearly renew licence as the licence grants to Licensee a perpetual, non-exclusive and non-transferable license.


It’s a excellent piece of software I hope to keep using it.  

Thanks all.

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