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Model Front panel vi sucks

Minh Pham

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Have you ever being frustrated by getting your project stuck after you running it and realized that you forgot to close one (or few) of your model style subvi(s) (which show front panel when called) ?


You can not do anything on your main front panel as the model vi is in front of everything and you can not stop it either! All you can do is to kill LabVIEW and re-open the project. 


I believe that LabVIEW should has an option to stop anything, anywhere,anytime when you are in the development environment. This has always been an issue since I started using LabVIEW. Please add a method to the next version of LabVIEW such that developers can stop thing like this from happening.    

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I agree.  An option would be nice.


What I do to avoid this is not set any of the UI settings in the VI that would prevent me to close it in the development environment.  I make those changes in the build specification, so they happen only in a deployed executable.  The downside is if you reuse that VI in multiple executables, you need to duplicate the settings multiple times... but I think it makes my life, overall, easier.

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Why are you posting this here? This belongs in the LV idea exchange over at NI.


Before you go posting there, be aware that it was already suggested several times. The popular one is here, so you can vote for it - http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Abort-all-VIs-Button-in-Taskbar-Modal-Windows-Problem/idi-p/1472808


Also, if you read the comments, you will find links to several tools which already help you with this today.

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Sorry, i dont look at NI developer zone. The solution there is ok but doesnt work for clone vis as mentioned.

I prefer a native LabVIEW function for this purpose. Im very surprise that this is still not available after 5 years of playing with LabVIEW :(

I will vote to push this feature forward. Thanks Yair 

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Sometimes Ctrl+. helps. And you can almost always close the parent vi using the task bar context menu and it will terminate the blocking sub vi.

This won't work if the SubVI isn't being called in the code yet and is just in memory.  I believe this is the situation Minh was describing.  I've used several AbortVI functions in the past to be able to abort any VI running (not a close at the moment).

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