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finding protection mode of several Sub VIs


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I have a project where main VI is not protected.

The main VI consists of several sub vi. Many vi are placed one in to other.

I have to make sure all vis are unprotected.

how can i know all vis are un protected?

any shortcut method available instead of opening all vis block diagram one by one  ??



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You can use the Application class property All VIs in Memory to get the names of all the VIs and then use that to open a reference to each VI and call the method Lock State.Get on it. This will tell you if it's locked. You can also use the Set method to unlock, but then you will also have to handle errors and so on and save the VI.

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      Here is the scenario:
      You have a heavily nested project and you are debugging your sub-VIs.  You have pressed pause or you are stepping through one of them and you accidentally close your sub-VI.  Meanwhile you have parallel loops and/or active processes going on.
      How do you find where you have paused?  Breakpoints are easier to find because you can use the breakpoint manager.  But I havent found a menu item that says "Show Pause Location" or something equivalent. 
      Has anyone been frustrated by this before?  Is there a simple answer or method that I have missed?
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