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MACBIN Resource File Info Core (generating error on Mac OSX)

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So another Mac issue. Whenever I try to use the ZLIB Store File.vi, I get an (always helpful, generic File IO) error. See the screenshot.

Can someone (Rolf?) help me with a workaround? I need to stick with the OpenG Zip library because of the low-level VI's it provides, which are very powerful.


I'm trying to look at this. I assume you work on OS X 10.8? Basically all Carbon type file IO functions seem to have been depreciated in 10.8. And one of them probably has a hickup now. The translation of Mac OS errors to LabVIEW errors is always a tricky thing, and I know I could probably have put more effort into that routine in the C code, yet it's mostly useless information anyhow, other than that it went wrong somehow.


My current difficulty is that I do not have a modern Mac available that could run 10.8 in any way. So I have to work on an old (and terriiiiiibly sloooooooow) PPC machine for the moment. Should still be able to test and compile the code to get at least running for 10.5 and then will have to get you to run some tests. I just want you to know that I'm working on this, but I can't make any tight promises as to when the new Mac OS X sharedlib will be ready for you to test. Having a more modern Mac available would help but I have to work with what I have here.

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