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Anyone has experience with Keyence Laser Marker

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I have started worked on a new project which require using Keyence Laser Marker MD-F3000 series to  mark serial number. I cannot find any documents about control this device programmatically such as input a certain string with different parameters and tell the controller mark it.

If anyone has experience with this device please give me advice how this one work or where I can find document about it.


Thank you so much!

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I recently used the MD-V9900 for a project. Did you already contact Keyence for that information? (They send me all neccessary information within an hour)

The documents are not on the internet and Keyence will only provide them on a request. You'll receive a mail with a link to the download information.


I could present some information, but that wouldn't help you in any way... (also because my documents are in German)


There is much more to it than just sending a string, since you must take care of a specific order when it comes to the digital interface and startup/shutdown...


My advice: contact Keyence! :P

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Hi log man, wo bekomme ich den labview support bei keyence für den mdv9900? Ich benutze das gerät auch und möchte aber vom marking Builder weg hin zu labview. Kannst du mir tips geben oder gar die vi`s? Danke Greets tmc


Google Translate.

Hi lied to, where can I get the labview support at keyence for mdv9900? I use the device and also but would like to labview Builder by marking off back. Can you give me tips or even the vi's? Thank you Greets tmc


As logman said, contact Keyence for documentation. In the future please respond in English.  This forum does not support the German language.


Wie logman sagte, wenden Keyence für die Dokumentation. In Zukunft bitte in Englisch antworten. Dieses Forum unterstützt nicht die deutsche Sprache.

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Hi log man, wo bekomme ich den labview support bei keyence für den mdv9900? Ich benutze das gerät auch und möchte aber vom marking Builder weg hin zu labview. Kannst du mir tips geben oder gar die vi`s? Danke Greets tmc


Let me translate this properly:


Hi LogMAN where can I get LabVIEW support for MDV9900 from Keyence? I use the device too, but want to swap from the Marking Builder to LabVIEW. Can you give me tips or even the VIs? Thanks greetings tmc


GERMAN: (translation below)

teeemzeh, auch wenn dies ein englisches Forum ist, antworte ich ausnahmnsweise auf deutsch: Nach meinen Informationen hat Keyence keine fertigen LabVIEW-Treiber, sondern verwendet allgemeinere Protokolle, meistens ASCII-Basierend. Der Support von Keyence ist immer der richtige Ansprechpartner, also einfach anrufen und nachfragen. Die Kontaktdaten sind hier zu finden: Keyence Support. Übrigens sind die Vertriebler häufig die besten Techniker und helfen auch bei der Inbetriebnahme und fast allen Fragen. Ich habe damals über den Support die entsprechenden Protokolldateien, sowie einen technischen Ansprechpartner erhalten und mit dem Vertriebstechniker die Inbetriebnahme durchgeführt. Der Marking Builder ist zudem zwansweise erforderlich, um den Laser zu parametrieren! Ansonsten verwendest du das DIO-Interface (Programmwahl, Sicherheitskreis, etc...) und sendest einfache Strings (Datenblock & Daten)... Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere hatte der Laser einen RS232-Port, der in LabVIEW sehr einfach anzusprechen ist. Leider habe ich keine VIs, weil meine Lösung nicht in LabVIEW umgesetzt wurde.


Ich empfehle zukünftig für Anfragen auf deutsch lieber bei ni.com/community/d, oder labviewforum.de anzufragen.




teeemzeh, even though this is an English forum, I'll once answer in German: Keyence does not provide ready-to-use LabVIEW driver as far as my information go, instead they make use of more generic protocols, mainly ASCII based. Contacting the Keyence support is the best option you have, so just call them. Contact details can be found here: Keyence Support. The sales guys are most likely the best technicians you could ask for and they will guide you through commissioning and almost any question. Back then I received the protocol files from the support as well as contact to a technician and I did the commissioning together with the sales technician. By the way, the Marking Builder is required to parametrize the Laser! For anything else you use the DIO interface (program selection, safety circuit, etc... ) or send plain Strings (Data block & Data)... If I remember correctly, the Laser had a RS232 port which is very easy to use in LabVIEW. Unfortunately I don't have any VIs, since my solution was not implemented in LabVIEW.


I suggest writing German question on ni.com/community/d, or labviewforum.de in the future.

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hi to all,


thanks 4 the answers. iam sorry for choosing german as language. 

in the future i will write in english.


Thanks a lot for the further informations, i will try to get support from keyence!


Best regards


:lol:  I just figgured you must be able to read English in order to understand my original post in the first place!  LOL, and I go through the trouble translating everything... :lol:


Hahaha thanks, you made my day :beer_mug:

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I just finished ML-9550A rs232 project.

In fact, you can cancel the XOR checksum by disable the checkbox in Keyence software(Marker Builder 2/MB-HDL)

Plz see figure 53192.jpg below.


And then you can use the most simple way to communicate with the Laser mainframe by 9pin to 25pin connector.

Be sure the connector circuits is the same as circuit diagram provided by keyence communication manuals(maybe Chapter 1-1 or 1-2).==>see figure 53203.jpg below


then you can use the following LabVIEW code. Plz see figure 53189.jpg.


the 53190.jpg is show the ASCII command DC to get back the date information in laser mainframe==> 2017/05/15 16:21:06


well, just post this for people who needs this :)

Joe,Chen (Taiwan,CLAD)

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